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Processing Solutions

Proven track record of multi-platform advanced processing integration

L3Harris has integrated  Chrysalis derived processing solutions on U.S. DoD Tactical Aircraft (TACAIR), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Land Integrated Fighting Vehicles (IFV).

In the Air domain we continue to build on the successful deliveries of open-systems processing solutions for the F-22, F/A-18, E/A-18G, T-7A and MQ-25 aircraft. L3Harris was selected to upgrade the F-35 as part of the Technology Refresh-3 (TR-3) program.  Aircraft Memory System (AMS), Integrated Core Processor (ICP) and the Panoramic Cockpit Display Electronic Unit (PCD EU) are all part of the L3Harris TR-3 offering.

L3Harris was also selected to provide advanced mission processing solutions to American Rheinmetall’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) offering to the U.S. Army.

Our processing innovations with the highest Watts per slot in the market combined with proven open-systems and digital engineering expertise will enable more compute intensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and future growth into autonomy.

Game changing technology

Our multi-domain mission processing solutions combined with our proven open-systems and digital engineering expertise have brought processing technology to the next level.  Our Nation’s warfighters are provided greater and faster target data and ability to share information securely across multiple sensors and weapon systems. Detecting, locating, tracking and engaging in the air or on land are vastly improved through the robust processing capability the Chrysalis family of multi-function processors provide. Our advanced processing supports AI and sensor fusion that reduces operator workload, improves situational awareness and mission effectiveness.

Chrysalis Wireframe


L3Harris Chrysalis processing technology is at the forefront of open-system standards, helping to drive forward ease of integration, upgradeability and sustainability over the product lifecycle. The Chrysalis fully digital design offers the speed and agility to quickly define, develop and iterate processing solutions to meet the most challenging requirements with the flexibility to adapt to changes when needed.

Reconfigurable processing hardware shares common open and published application program interfaces (APIs) in compliance with open-systems standards.  Our open-systems approach enables users to update and upgrade technology, avoid vendor lock and downtime while providing warfighters with the latest technology required to win the near peer fight.

The Chrysalis family of processors offer the highest bandwidth and compute density in the industry and delivers the most effective processing solutions to meet the most demanding customer requirements.


Meeting mission-critical requirements

Chrysalis provides cost effective and low risk processing solutions for the duration of platform service life. Our mature technology and manufacturing processing solutions employed across the operational spectrum drive low nonrecurring engineering and minimizes program execution risk. The use and integration of L3Harris thermal management technology maximizes compute density while meeting the most challenging SWaP-C requirements. Whether the task is to upgrade legacy platforms that require higher data/sensor fusion or meeting the demands of next generation family of systems, Chrysalis scalable offerings deliver.


  • Secure, multi-domain high performance edge compute

  • Modular, open and digital design

  • Advanced thermal and integration expertise


  • Chrysalis Difference Catalog

    Chrysalis Difference Catalog

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