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SE100 GPS / Telemetry Nosecone Antenna System

The antenna is composed of a high strength fiberglass housing and an aluminum base casting to withstand the severe supersonic environment. Integral, as well as remote diplexer configurations are available.

The total system is designed, manufactured and tested by Harris, a company known for high performance aircraft products throughout the world.

Qualified for A-6, A-10, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-111 and most other aircraft.

Compatible with standard radios for VHF-FM, VHF-AM, DME, IFF, TACAN and ARC 182/186 performance

SE100 Antenna Specifications

  GPS Telemetry
Frequency range L1, or L1 AND L2 See Table 1
VSWR 2.0:1 2.0:1
Gain 0 dBic typical 0 to -3 dBi typical
Impedance 50 ohms 50 ohms
Polarization RHCP LHCP or linear (model dependent)
Pattern Hemispherical Omnidirectional
Dimensions Consult with factory
Weight 20 – 25 pounds (complete nosecone)
Table 1
SE92-1 1575, 1227 Dual Hemisphere 141 LHCP External Elements  
SE100-1 1575, 1227 Dual Hemisphere 1350-1450 LHCP Internal Elements  
SE101-1 1575, 1227 Dual Hemisphere 980 LHCP Internal Elements Air Data Pitot Tube
SE113-1 1575, 1227 Dual Hemisphere 512-650 LHCP Internal Elements  
SE115-1 1575, 1227 Upper Hemisphere 141 LHCP External Elements  
SE117-1 1575, 1227 Dual Hemisphere 225-400 LHCP External Elements  
SE122-1 1575, 1227 Dual Hemisphere 433 LHCP External Elements  
SE123-1 1575, 1227 Spherical NONE   Air Data System
SE124-1 1575, 1227 Dual Hemisphere 1350-1390 VERT External Elements  
SE125-1 1575, 1227 Dual Hemisphere 1710-1850 LHCP Aux. UHF Data Link Includes GGPS Preamp
SE127-2 1575, 1227 Spherical 2200-2350 VERT Internal Elements Cir. Polarized Telemetry

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