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Small Precision Enhanced Aiming Rangefinder (SPEAR)

Improved First-Round Hit Capabilities

SPEAR delivers extended-range performance and features an integrated ballistic calculator for improved first-round hit probability. SPEAR is built on the L3Harris STORM 2 system currently deployed with the U.S. Army and is one of several leading-edge laser rangefinder solutions available today. 

High-Accuracy Targeting

This laser rangefinder employs emerging Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) technologies, giving operators options for use as a marker or illuminator for covert cueing. SPEAR maintains the familiar capabilities of L3Harris-fielded military rangefinders in a smaller, lighter package. This includes Near Infrared (NIR) and visible aim lasers, an NIR illumination laser, a high-accuracy digital magnetic compass and external GPS interface.

Key Features

  • High-performance Erbium glass laser resonator 
  • SWIR covert marking and illumination
  • Integrated ballistic calculator incorporating range and atmospheric conditions 


  • Small Precision Enhanced Aiming Rangefinder (SPEAR) Datasheet

    Small Precision Enhanced Aiming Rangefinder (SPEAR) Datasheet