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Space Electronic Warfare

Successful space operations depend on dominating the electromagnetic spectrum

Space electronic warfare (EW) includes operational systems that deliver the ability to deny adversaries the use of their space assets as well as protection of U.S. interests. Operational systems are moving from standalone single-mission systems to multi-mission platforms with dynamic command and control along with remote operations capabilities.

Another component of space EW is testing and training for space control warfighters to effectively use those systems when they are needed most. L3Harris develops realistic total immersion environments for dynamic live, virtual and constructive training as well as tests and exercises. Fusing live and virtual environments enables multi-domain testing, supports global exercises and provides advanced system development options.

Electromagnetic spectrum dominance enables space domain operators to perform critical functions needed for warfighting: find, fix, track, target, engage and assess threats. There is no space power without the freedom to move within the electromagnetic spectrum and the ability to deny our enemies access.

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