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Talon®2, KOV-26B — Small Form-Factor / Portable Encryption

Talon®2, KOV-26B — Small Form-Factor/Portable Encryption

Talon2 is a versatile high-assurance encryptor that enables users to access secure networks from virtually anywhere. Talon2 is NSA certified to secure data classified up to Top Secret/SCI across unprotected networks such as NIPRNet or the Internet. Talon2's small size, low-cost, and operational flexibility make it the perfect solution for the travelling user, telecommuting, and PDS avoidance. Talon2 is interoperable with both HAIPE® and SCIP protocols. It is used with a personal computer and communicates over a variety of network interfaces such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and POTS. This operational flexibility supports a wide range of users and applications.

Talon®2, KOV-26 B

Talon®2, KOV-26 B

• USB 3.0 Host Interface (PT Port)
• USB 2.0 Network Interface (CT Port)
• 32 Simultaneous Security Associations
• Up to 80 network destinations
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet supported on CT network
• Supports DHCP and NAT Traversal
• Crypto Modern: PPK, FIREFLY, enhanced FIREFLY key material


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