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Secure Tactical and Enterprise LVC Training Solutions

Product Specifications

L3Harris is helping governments realize and implement a true secure Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) architecture to exponentially improve the warfighters  "Train as you Fight" experience. Today's training systems are composed of highly disparate legacy systems often in diverse locations. These systems offer a wide range of capabilities but unfortunately are limited in their ability to be integrated into a holistic training environment. Today's systems are particularly hindered by their inability to securely integrate data from live sensors and platforms, simulators and constructive assets at different security classification levels.  L3Harris' Systems Secure Training solutions pave the way to enable disparate systems to be integrated into a holistic true LVC system. Secure Training solutions range from full Multi-Level Data as a Service (MLDaaS™)  systems, Cloud based MLDaaS™,  Secure MLS portals, Secure Data at Rest systems, Key Management Systems, NSA approved Type 1 multi-channel, multi-level encryption, NCDSMO approved Cross Domain Solutions, and Tactical Data Security Modules (Encryption/CDS) for training platforms. L3Harris' Secure Training product lines serve customers with requirements for a full LVC system or a desire to add LVC capability through incremental improvements.


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