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Transmit Receive Power Module

Gain and phase variation between states is minimised by design across the full bandwidth. Further improvements in performance between pulses can be obtained through the built in lookup compensation table by providing information on operating frequency to the unit. Dual switched outputs allow for easy connection to separate paths, for example, to differently polarised antenna elements.


  • 6-18 GHz frequency response 
  • 360 degree phase shift
  • 24 dB gain control range
  • Dual outputs
  • Compact size


  • Phased arrays
  • Electronic warfare (EW)

Spec Sheet and Certificates


    SAS Micreo ISO9001 Certificate 2020-2023

  • SAS MICREO AS9100D Certificate 2020-2023

    SAS Micreo AS9100D Certificate 2020-2023

  • L3Harris Transmit Receive Power Module

    Transmit Receive Power Module Spec Sheet

Transmit Receive Power Module Specifications

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range 6-18 GHz
Saturated Output Power +36 dBm typical, mid band
Transmit Path Gain (small signal) 42 dB maximum
Left/Right Switching Speed 200 ns maximum
Gain Control Range 24 dB
Gain Control Resolution 5 bits (0.75 dB)
Phase Control Range 0°-348.75°
Phase Control Resolution 5 bits (11.25°)
Receive Path Gain 20 dB minimum
Receive Path P1dB 15 dBm minimum
Receive Path Noise Figure 5 dB typical
Supply Voltage +8.25 V, -5.0 V
Supply Current 4.5 A maximum
Connector Type GPO
Operating Temperature -54°C to +64°C

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