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Type Rating Course

Type Rating Course Overview

Our pilot training courses, including the type rating program, provide quality, flexibility, reliability, and value all with the goal of enhancing aviation safety and standards.

The Type Rating Course aims to provide a qualified pilot with the required license and ratings needed to operate a specific aircraft platform. By working closely with partner airlines, L3Harris ensures that trainees receive tailored training based on the airline’s operating procedures, helping to create a smooth transition to flight operations and minimize the need for additional training. Whether you are looking for a Boeing 737 type rating course or Airbus A320 type rating course, we can support you with a custom program, designed specifically for your airline’s procedures.

Our Type Rating program is available at multiple pilot training locations globally, including our London Training Center in the UK and Bangkok Training Center in Thailand. Trainees undertaking the Type Rating course will benefit from access to our world-class facilities, exceptional Instructors and the latest in pilot training technologies to amplify and enhance the overall experience.

As part of our commitment to maintaining remarkable performance standards across the aviation industry, we also offer a selection of Type Rating instructor and examiner courses. Find out more about our Type Rating Instructor course and Type Rating Examiner Standardization course.

Type Rating Course Content

Type Rating training is broken down into two phases: ground training, and simulator training.

The ground training phase of the Type Rating course gives trainees the necessary theoretical knowledge and confidence required to progress to the simulator training phases. This phase is delivered via classroom based lessons and supported with computer based training (CBT) which can be provided by either the airline or L3Harris.

The Type Rating course employs blended delivery techniques to ensure that periods of CBT are broken at regular intervals by instructor input and VFD/FPT training, preventing long periods of learning without instructor direction.

A Technical Instructor is available at any time to answer trainee questions and provide supplementary support as required. Our exceptional instructors monitor Type Rating training performance through examinations and subsequent training phases to ensure your trainees receive the support required to achieve the desired success for this demanding training.

The simulator phase of each Type Rating course is delivered on L3Harris’ fleet of state-of-the-art RealitySeven full flight simulators. Sophisticated and cutting-edge, the simulators replicate real flight conditions, enabling your trainee pilots to experience a close to reality flying environment to hone their skills during Type Rating training.

instructor controls in full flight simulator

What Type Rating Training Includes

Our aircraft type rating course includes the following elements as standard:

● Instrument Rating

In addition, the following can be included in your pilot’s type rating training:

●    Airline operator proficiency checks (OPC)
●    Low visibility operations (LVO)
●    Extended twin operations (ETOPS) training

Depending on your airline’s requirements, the type rating course provides options to include zero flight time training (ZFTT) or take-off and landing training (base training) and operati

commercial aircraft airside boarding

Aircraft Types

We are proud to offer type rating training for a number of aircraft types. From a Boeing 737 to an Airbus A320 type rating course, take a look at our available aircrafts:

● Boeing 737 
● Boeing 787 
● Airbus A319 
● Airbus A320 
● Airbus A321 
● Airbus A330

Type Rating Program Prerequisites

To be able to enroll trainee pilots onto our aircraft Type Rating program, they must meet specific requirements.

Applicants for the first Type Rating course for a multi-pilot airplane must be a student pilot currently undergoing training on an MPL pilot training course or comply with the below requirements.

  • Have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC on airplanes; 
  • Hold or have held a multi-engine IR(A); 
  • Have passed the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations in accordance with Annex 1 Part FCL; and except when the Type Rating course is combined with an MCC course: 
  • Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of an MCC course in airplanes; or
  • Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of MCC in helicopters and have more than 100 hours of flight experience as a pilot on multi-pilot helicopters; or 
  • Have at least 500 hours as a pilot on multi-pilot helicopters; or
  • Have at least 500 hours as a pilot in multi-pilot operations on single- pilot multi-engine aeroplanes, in commercial air transport in accordance with the applicable air operations requirements

If you have any questions about the prerequisites for our Type Rating training program, please contact us today.     

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