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Wide-area Motion Imagery Intelligence

Providing persistent surveillance for today's complex environments

Our WAMI solutions deliver actionable situational awareness that allow analysts to not only see what’s happening in real time, but also augment this data with existing sensor payloads.

Our capabilities expand on the information and data from traditional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance methods to provide confident decision-making tools that will enable rapid decision making. 

Automated tracking and multi-INT cross-cue

L3Harris WAMI airborne sensor systems deliver the ability for real-time detection and tracking of high-value targets and integrate multiple sources including signals intelligence, full motion video, hyperspectral imaging, and social media indicators, to provide real-time information for what is happening on the ground. Our WAMI systems:

  • Enable real-time multi-INT surveillance
  • Deliver complete picture of events on the ground in real time
  • Automate tracking and performs advanced analytics provide for continuous situational awareness in tactical environments
  • Tip and cue other sensor systems (including signals intelligence, full-motion video, and hyperspectral sensing)
  • Provide context of events across integrated sensors to deliver detection and tracking of high-value targets

Advanced tracking analytics

The wide-area coverage and persistence of L3Harris’ motion analytics allow analysts to see events that are happening concurrently and establish interconnected patterns of life, including social interactions, destinations, and origins of travel. Incorporating historical information during a surveillance mission provides historical patterns of life information that can be used to anticipate future behaviors and plan appropriate responses. Our analytics:

  • Monitor virtual trip wire lines and watch box areas 
  • Detect breaches and triggers in real-time tracking across multiple watch boxes
  • Detect specific track types (right or left turn, stop/start, vehicle U-turns), abnormal speeds, vehicles avoiding checkpoints, multi-vehicle meet-ups, or convoys
  • Capture and store activity across wide areas for pattern of life analysis to understand what is happening and plan operations

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