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Wideband Microwave Receivers

From our Australian Electronic Warfare Centre of Excellence, we’ve designed to specification, manufactured and delivered over 3,000 complex multifunction RF sub-assemblies to global defence primes for integration into many different military aircraft systems deployed across the globe including:

  • AN/ALR-67(V)3 radar warning receiver – fitted to F/A-18 Superhornet
  • AN/ALR-69A radar warning receiver – fitted to F-16, KC-46 and C-130H aircraft

Other RF components include:

  • ELINT receivers (millimetre-wave and triplex downconverter assemblies) – fitted to the E-7A Wedgetail AEW&C aircraft
  • Specialist RF switch filter – integrated into the AN/APG-81 radar on the F-35 Lightning aircraft

IF receivers – integrated into the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile Blk 2


  • Ultra wideband frequency bands from 500 MHz-40 GHz
  • Compact size, designed to meet customer requirements for SWaP
  • Operation over extreme temperatures -54C to +58C
  • Operation at extreme levels of vibration and shock


  • Flat gain response
  • Rapid selection of frequencies
  • Increased sensitivity and detection ranges
  • Reduced ambiguous threat identification
  • Increased performance in dense signal environments
  • Increased measurement resolution

Our wideband microwave receivers are assembled and tested in-house at our Brisbane facilities. We focus on high-precision RF and microwave circuitry including transmission-line filters and circuits utilising bare-die MICs with wire-bonding.



    SAS Micreo ISO9001 Certificate 2020-2023

  • SAS MICREO AS9100D Certificate 2020-2023

    SAS Micreo AS9100D Certificate 2020-2023


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