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Workflow Orchestration and Mission Processing


Euclid is a multi-INT-centric, integrated, cloud-based software solution that provides accurate and affordable geospatial products. It uses proven, ground processing functions for electro-optical imaging phenomenologies and supports both linear array and 2-dimensional array data processing. Its commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), Technical Readiness Level 9 (TRL-9) algorithms help our customers reduce schedule and technical risk. Euclid’s components are currently deployed in satellites, airborne configurations, ground data centers, and user-installations for intelligence, scientific, and academic applications.

Euclid employs a modular approach to workflow orchestration, data processing, product quality assurance, activity-based intelligence, and product delivery. It uses open architecture standards to allow the reuse and repurposing of technology developed across the broader ground segment community. This creates a "plug-and-play" approach for adding new technologies, allowing internal and external organizations to leverage web services, content, and processing exposed through open protocols. With only moderate changes, Euclid can support multiple satellites and sensors of similar types.

Euclid is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, due to its modularity and abstraction of components, it can be rapidly integrated into variety of infrastructure footprints. L3Harris offers full service integration as well as "drop-in" support for new missions, data types, and processing techniques.

Solution Details

  • Open Architecture: Modular, interoperable systems that allow components to be added, modified, replaced, removed, and/or supported by different vendors throughout the life cycle
  • Service Experience: Standalone, loosely coupled components and services that can be leveraged throughout our core products
  • Extensibility: Rapidly scalable and extensible platform, using open technology development practices
  • Standards-Based: Components developed with a set of standards (OGC, GEO-REST) to allow for interaction with other enterprise systems through published interfaces
  • Platform Agnostic: Systems are built for multiple platforms, from mobile to any DOD or commercial enterprise


  • Anomaly investigation and product quality assurance for new system support and optimization
  • Self-service, on-demand product ordering via user-configurable workflows
  • Ability to host third-party ingest, processing, and visualization components
  • Automated task status monitoring
  • Integrated business analytics to support product tracking and trending
  • Automated identification, processing and delivery of relevant content

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