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XG-75P/XG-75Pe Two Way Portable Radio Carry Accessories


Nylon Case with Belt Loop

  • Snug fitting design keeps radios secure in even the most rugged industrial applications
  • Model # MAEV-NHC2A (Black)
  • Model # MAEV-NHC2B (Safety Orange)

Leather Case with Belt Loop

  • Made of quality leather
  • Includes a heavy-duty belt clip to comfortably secure the radio to equipment belt
  • Swivel mount sold separately
  • Model # MAEV-NHC2C

Leather Case with Shoulder Strap

  • Quality leather strap
  • Securely holds snug fitting leather case over uniforms for a comfortable, convenient way to carry your radio
  • Model # MAEV-NHC2D

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