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Modernizing Fighting Vehicle Technology

The Army’s next-generation combat vehicle (NGCV) must dominate on the future battlefield. To achieve this, L3Harris has exceeded the Army’s modernization goals for superior mission systems, digital engineering and open-systems on XM30s.

Lynx XM30 is built with industry leaders such L3Harris, Raytheon Technologies, Textron Systems, Allison Transmission and Anduril to produce a cutting-edge infantry fighting vehicle that both meets and exceeds the Army’s NGCV requirements, and ensures the service can obtain the latest technology rapidly and cost effectively.


In the smallest form-factor possible, L3Harris’ latest generation sights have extended and enhanced the identification capabilities of the Lynx XM30. The low profile of L3Harris sights also significantly reduce the enemy’s identification ability on the battlefield.

Lynx mission aids and advanced autonomy are run on L3Harris processors built to enable persistent modernization vehicle capabilities. In addition, our communications solutions provide unmatched, secure data sharing to enable collaborative targeting keeping warfighters armed with the latest technology tools to achieve and maintain overmatch.

Our open systems and digital engineering expertise allows for rapid adaptability and upgradeability of future technology for the modern battlefield.

Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)

L3Harris brings expertise in multi-domain open and modular mission systems, as well as digital engineering (DE) and cybersecurity to Team Lynx. Our Ground Combat Systems Common Infrastructure Architecture (GCIA) compliant architecture, vehicle mission systems and communications deliver an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) with the ability to rapidly adapt as modern threats emerge and evolve.

Additional L3harris Lynx XM30 Technology/Expertise

Sights: Third-generation sights provide threat identification at a greater distance and in a smaller package which enhance lethality and survivability for strategic overmatch.

Open-Systems: (GCIA) compliant solutions and design support that enable speed and agility for future growth and capability upgrades, reducing overall life cycle cost for the U.S Army.

Cybersecurity: Vehicle protection from persisting battlefield threats.

Common Compute: Industry leading processing capacity to support artificial intelligence (AI) and future persistent modernization.

Digital Engineering: Modeling, simulation and analysis from component design through mission performance.

Displays: Multi-touch, high-resolution displays.

Comms: Secure, high-capacity data sharing and operations.

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L3Harris and the U.S. Army using modular open systems approaches to jumpstart modernization.

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New Technology At The Speed of Relevancy

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Team Lynx

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