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L3Harris MissionOps™: Network Planning to Operations on a Single Dashboard

Establishing an agile Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) system in dynamic environments requires a solution capable of efficiently and reliably managing a secure tactical network.

However, C5ISR networks are currently managed by combining separate software applications with dissimilar user interfaces and limited interoperability. This leads to complex and fragmented workflows, which ultimately places a major burden on the end user.

Until now.

MissionOps™ Tactical Network Management Suite

L3Harris Technologies’ latest innovative solution consolidates tactical network management software into a single suite with a common and intuitive user interface for rapid over-the-air reconfiguration of the combat network.

“Our new MissionOps suite provides an easy-to-use, modern interface for network management and simulation tailored to the tactical use case,” said Robert Mariuz, L3Harris Product Management manager. “It unencumbers network operators from the planning phase to mission execution by unifying core tactical network management capabilities on a single pane of glass.”

The system expands usage options via on-premise and cloud servers. MissionOps is deployable on an offline computer, and its architecture allows for the  integration of third-party radios and assets.

MissionOps delivers network planning, radio-frequency propagation simulation, multi-user access and control, multiple network monitoring views – including a map with node location tracking – and remote configuration capabilities.

MissionOps™ Tactical Network Management Suite Graphic

MissionOps contains four core modules – Plan, Sim, Monitor and Manage.


MissionOps Plan is a radio network planning and device configuration tool focused on ease of use. The modernization of the L3Harris Communication Planning Application (CPA), MissionOps Plan allows users to rapidly initialize communication assets and networks with hundreds of nodes and multiple waveforms.


MissionOps Sim is a network propagation simulation and modeling tool featuring dynamic route analysis. Sim provides multi-domain mission rehearsal and network availability prediction to mitigate PACE plan risks prior to deployment. Combined with MissionOps Plan, MissionOps Sim promotes success by ensuring the right mix and placement of operational resources.

“Unifying network device programming and RF propagation simulation eliminates data-entry redundancy and gives users an extremely valuable course-of-action planning capability,” said Mariuz.


MissionOps Monitor is a network-monitoring tool, featuring multiple views, including a dashboard “snapshot” of each device’s status and a detailed picture of network performance, according to Mariuz. It uses customized alerts to inform users of potential issues and, through the Manage tool, allows the user to react and reconfigure the network remotely.

Meeting Future Needs and Expanding Capability

L3Harris is expanding MissionOps support for radio models, including the Falcon IV NSA-endorsed, high-assurance radio families, in 2025 and beyond.

L3Harris also expects to release future MissionOps modules, including an add-on for its hC2TM Battle Management Software Suite. The add-on will streamline hC2 network configuration workflows and display tactical network monitoring information as a layer within the command-and-control software, enhancing its common operating picture.

“With MissionOps and our legacy of delivering leading-edge tactical communications equipment, when customers need a full system solution for the tactical network, they don’t need to look any further than L3Harris,” said Melissa Daminski, L3Harris senior director of Product Management.