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Avionics Customer Support & Documentation

Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems, LLC (ACSS) Products

SafeRoute®, TCAS 2000, TCAS 3000SP™, T²CAS®, T³CAS®, TAWS+, Lynx®, Transponders, TCAS Antennas, Third Party Products (Thales/Sextant – VSI/TCAS; Sensor Systems – L-Band Antenna; AeroAntenna Technology-GPS Antenna; Gables – Control Panels)


Global AOG Services – Administered by Logistics Partner AVGroup

AOG/exchange services only, not for spares requirements.

Phone (US): +1 (866) AOG-TCAS or (866) 264 8227
Phone (International): +1 (678) 597-2792
Email: [email protected]

Technical support:

Phone: +1 (321) 674-4900
Email: [email protected]

Aviation Products - Commercial

Solid State Instrument Systems (ESIS, GenESIS), Flight Controls, TACAN+, Solid State Cockpit Voice & Data Recorders and Accessories, Solid State Control Units and Microphones, Preamplifiers, Modular Airborne Data Recording & Acquisition Systems, Flight Data Acquisition Units, Iridium® SATCOM, Multi-Axial Accelerometers, Recorder Independent Power Supplies, Micro Quick Access Recorders, SSD (Solid State Disks), PC Card rugged removable data storage solutions for Military, Aerospace, Avionics and Ground Vehicle applications.


Global AOG Services – Administered by Logistics Partner OEM Services

AOG/exchange services and AOG spare requirements.

Phone: +33 (1) 49 75 45 73
Fax: +33 (1) 49 75 45 74
Email: [email protected]

Technical support:

Phone: +1 (321) 674-4900
Email: [email protected]

Targa Systems support:
Phone: +1 (613) 727-9876

Technical publications:

Email: [email protected]
Recorders & Displays:
TCAS & Surveillance:

Overview, Repair and Overhaul Capabilities

L3Harris is your global avionics MRO partner. Trust the OEM for fast, reliable repairs supported by an experienced technical team and customer service group.

Comprehensive MRO capabilities including:

•    AOG service
•    Scheduled maintenance
•    Troubleshooting/bench testing and repair of OEM and third party avionics
•    Inspections
•    Warranty claims
•    Overhauls
•    Field engineering services/technical support
•    Component modifications and upgrades
•    Instrument re-calibration
•    Spare parts and components
•    Parts manufacturing and fabrication
•    Obsolescence management
•    Technical documentation
•    Incorporation of service bulletins
•    Exchange programs
•    Spares provisioning
•    Component retrofit

Quality Assurance and Certification Documentation

The site-specific quality requirements for L3Harris avionics are listed below. Please refer to your PO delivery location to locate the site applicable to your contract. If the site referenced is not below, or you have further questions, please contact your purchasing representative identified on your purchase order.



General Equipment Information and Certification Documentation for L3Harris Aviation Products, Inc.

Purchasing Specification Attachment "W" Quality Assurance Requirements

Purchase Order Flowdown

Cosmetic Inspection Criteria Specification



Certification Documentation for ACSS, LLC equipment

Warranty/Return Policy

L3Harris manufacture, repair and overhaul equipment using the finest material and components available. L3Harris warrants these products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for which they are intended and which has not been subjected to mishandling, misuse or abuse, negligence, other external causes or accidents, for the following periods, beginning from the date of shipment by L3Harris Technologies and their subsidiaries.

Aviation Communications & Surveillance Systems, LLC (ACSS)

Product/Service Standard Warranty Period
New: OEM 36 months
Repair 12 months
Overhaul 12 months
Piece Parts and SRUs 12 months for part replaced only

L3Harris Aviation Products - Commercial

Product/Service Standard Warranty Period
New: Voice and Data Recorder Products 60 months
New: All Other Products 18 months
New: Accessories, GSE, Piece Parts and SRUs 12 months
Repair: Voice and Data Recorder Products (Parts & Labor portions of the repair) 12 months
Repair: All Other Products (Parts & Labor portions of the repair) 180 days
Overhaul 12 months
Exchange 12 months

Targa Systems

Product/Service Standard Warranty Period
New: Products and Piece Parts 12 months
Repair/Overhaul 6 months or balance of warranty period

Publication indexes

  • Component Maintenance Manual Public Index
  • Database Public Index
  • Install Manual Public Index
  • Instruction Manual Public Index
  • Intermediate Maintenance Manual Public Index
  • Pilot Guide Public Index
  • Service Bulletin Public Index
  • Service Letter Public Index
  • Software Public Index