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Aftercare Services

Our Aftercare Services

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Maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring the continued functionality, safety and reliability of flight simulators. RealityCare is designed to keep simulators in top condition, preventing interruptions to training operations and ensuring an efficient training experience.

- L3Harris software updates

- Recurrent evaluation support

- Simulator refresh and tune up

- Simulator spare, repairs & consumables

- Technical support and training

- Tools

- Visual systems maintenance

Simulator throttle

Fleet Upgrade Services

On a regular basis, OEMs roll-out updates to aircraft and issue revisions to the installed software packages and aircraft cockpit configuration. A new standard or Common Block Point is considered an evolution and will bring the performance of the simulator in line with the performance and capabilities of a new aircraft that is in operation. We provide a range of updates and services to implement these updates on your training devices.

- Aircraft / Avionics OEM

- Regulatory and compliance

Simulator technician

Lifecycle Extension Services

L3Harris understands that the journey of a simulator extends far beyond its initial installation. Our Aftercare Services are created to guide you through every phase of your simulator’s lifecycle. From upgrades & maintenance, relocating and eventually retirement, we can offer a range of services to get the most out of your investment.

- Ancillary services

- Relocation services

- Technology refresh

Flight Simulator software

Product Enhancements

In the ever-evolving landscape of simulation technology, staying at the forefront is essential. We offer hardware updates designed to enhance your simulator's performance and propel your simulator to the forefront of technology.

- Motion & control systems

- NSA & instructor systems

- Data analytics

- Visual systems

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