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Product Overview

Simulator University, our innovative eLearning system, revolutionizes the way we train simulator technicians. With SimU, education becomes flexible and accessible, offering a comprehensive digital environment where technicians can access a wealth of knowledge, immersive content, and interactive modules.

Unlike traditional learning, SimU provides a dynamic and interactive digital environment that accommodates various learning styles. Combined with practical training, our digital toolbox improves retention of knowledge in trainees, prevents the need for unnecessary simulator down time and allow technicians to train at a more convenient time.

To offer a comprehensive learning experience, we believe in combining the benefits of our eLearning solution with hand-on practical training. While our eLearning platform provides the flexibility and convenience of learning at your own pace, we understand the importance of real-world application.

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  • Learn from up to date modules
  • The detailed and readily available information can be consumed by any authorized employee, not just technicians
  • Access learning anywhere at any time with no constraints
  • Maximize your learning investment
  • Access an integrated system which tailors to your schedule
  • Absorb learning at your own pace
  • Refresh your knowledge by revisiting material continuously
  • Train and work simultaneously
  • Experience faster on-boarding
  • Provide quality and consistent training to an unlimited number of students
  • Utilize the platforms digital capabilities to track student performance and provide targeted support

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