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Extra Lightweight Data Recorder (xLDR)

Product overview

Helicopters, general aviation, eVTOLs and new urban mobility aircraft require an extra lightweight recorder to meet the specifications of sustainability and space while capturing the most data possible. The agile L3Harris engineering team improved the current LDR family, used globally, to provide the same level of crash protection with enhanced features for increased collection data rate, auto-recording and pilot-control capabilities in a 50% lighter package. 

The xLDR exceeds mandates and global recommendations for capturing audio and flight data for crash-protected flight recorders on smaller aircraft, while also capturing images, video and GPS parameters. 

The built-in web server allows operators to retrieve recorded data with just a laptop and web browser.

  • Certified – ED-155 and FAA TSO-C197; EASA ETSO-2C197
  • Qualified to DO-160G
  • Features a Crash-Survivable Memory Unit (CSMU) to protect valuable flight information
  • Contains provisions for an analog camera as a video source

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Key features

The xLDR is Based on a Proven Platform

Fielded in over 15 aircraft models by over 10 airframe manufacturers with five different models, the xLDR is qualified beyond current ED-155 survivability requirements and is certified to TSO-C197. The xLDR is developed to meet the needs for lightweight fixed- and rotor-wing aircraft that meet the criteria for ED-155 while providing reduced weight, inexpensive connectivity, and the required interfaces found on those aircraft.

Meets Upcoming Mandates and Exceeds Global Recommendations

To keep the skies safe, aviation safety agencies worldwide are mandating improvements to retrieve critical flight information to determine causes of incidence but also to help support improvements to prevent future occurrences. Currently there are several mandates in place and/or under consideration by various safety agencies that would apply to Part 23 aircraft:


  • The EASA Safety Information Bulletin SIB No. 2019-15R1 Flight Recorders on Small Rotorcraft recommendation calls for lightweight flight recorders that are usually designed to meet less demanding requirements than air transport crash-protected flight recorders, which allows them to be lighter
    • References the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment 2017-03 “In-flight recording for light aircraft” and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1387 dated 01 August 2019
    • Provides mandates and guidance to install crash-protected flight recorders that are capable of withstanding very severe crash conditions (e.g., high deceleration and fire), such as those encountered
  • Transport Canada has issued a Notice of Proposed Amendment to require installation of lightweight flight data recorder (LDR) compliant to ED-155. When adopted, operators will have up to 5 years from the publication of the final rule to meet the retrofit requirements. Source: Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council’s (CARAC) Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) on Lightweight Data Recorders (LDR), notice # 2021-016
  • Though FAA has not mandated ED-155 recording systems, this has been on the NTSB top 10 list for some time. The xLDR is well positioned to support compliance for potential legislation

Data Capture Flexibility

The xLDR provides the same level of crash protection for capturing audio, flight data, video and GPS parameters as the current LDR. Any subset of the benefits can be used for any particular installation not intended for regulatory-mandated applications. While some installations may make use of only the audio and image recording capability, others may want to exploit the full audio, image, data (ARINC 717 or ARINC 429) and GPS recording. 


  • L3Harris is well positioned to integrate with avionics manufacturers
  • L3Harris can scale production to meet new platforms using the recorder entering the market 
  • L3Harris has more than 60 years of designing and manufacturing recorders with proven quality processes to meet the strict requirements for aviation 

Additional Features

  • Supports 2048 wps to allow more data to be recorded
  • Automatic enable/disable functionality with pilot erase capability 

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Product specifications

  • Height: 4.9 in. (12.45cm)
  • Width: 3.9 in. (9.9cm)
  • Depth: 8.0 in. (20.3cm)
  • Weight: < 2.43 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • Reliability: 10,000 hours
  • Requirements: 28 VDC
  • Consumption: < 5 W (without external microphone and camera)
  • Coaxial BNC: NTSC analog video (on certain LDR models)
  • Coaxial TNC: GPS RF antenna (on certain LDR models)
  • D-Sub 50-Pin: Analog audio, control inputs, status outputs, ARINC 717 serial data, ARINC 429 serial data on certain LDR models, external GPS serial data
  • RJ-45: 100 Base-T Ethernet
  • Temperature: Operating: -55° C to +70° C / Non-operating: -55° C to +85° C
  • Altitude: Operating: 0 to 55,000 ft.
  • Vibration: DO-160F Cat. S, curve M
  • Static Crush: 1,000 lbs.
  • Fire Protection: 1100° C for 15 min. and 260° C for 5 hrs
  • Impact: 1,000 G over 6-axis
  • Microphone: Panel and surface-mount microphones available
  • Compliance: ED-155 (full details available upon request) FAA TSO-C197
  • GSE Support: Optional Recorder Data Interface


For full certification and specification details, download the brochure below. 


  • Avionics xLDR Brochure

Latest news

L3Harris’ Extra Light Data Recorder selected by Lilium for Its All-Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Jet

Trade Release | 06. 16. 2022

L3Harris’ Extra Light Data Recorder selected by Lilium for Its All-Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Jet

L3Harris Technologies’ extra light data recorder (xLDR) has been selected by Lilium (NASDAQ:LILM) for its revolutionary all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet.

L3Harris’ Extra Light Data Recorder selected by Lilium for Its All-Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Jet

Trade Release | 06. 16. 2022

L3Harris’ Extra Light Data Recorder selected by Lilium for Its All-Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Jet

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