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Draco™ Centralized Device Messaging, Command and Control

Turning Data Into Information

L3Harris’ Draco system collects data from a wide range of existing field devices and sensors and merges it into a single, web-based user interface designed for rapid reaction and response. This cost-effective base-end system provides seamless, real-time situational awareness, as well as bidirectional command and control of remote devices.

Draco Capabilities

Data Routing and Command and Control
Creates a bidirectional data path that enables users to send messages to a field device, update configurations over the air and initiate actions for remote and automated sensors and systems
Schedules outbound messages for future delivery
Converts data to meet the destination system’s format requirements
Stores and uses encryption keys for source and destination
Supports several different encryption algorithms
Supports the use of device-specific user interfaces, allowing users to select pre-built commands, build messages, review custom data formats or request data from a remote system
Location and Map Alerts
Tracks location information for any mission in real time
Allows users to view live or historic locations on one of several maps using Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) vector and imagery maps, as well as other map sources
Enables Google Earth users to export Keyhole Markup Language (KML) streams for devices they want to track at any time and place
Allows users to select a device’s past data via built-in filters and sorting options to see where it has been, when it was there and what events happened along the way
Immediately alerts users about emergency situations, such as a ”911” button press or if a device stops reporting as expected; alerts can be forwarded to email, text messages or other endpoints
Messaging and Chat
Collects, displays and distributes messages of all types (e.g., containing text data, position tracking information, sensor or media data) via one secure, convenient place
Enables users to set up a chat window to view, send and receive messages from a group of devices on a single screen
Allows users to create and send messages to field devices and other systems, including interdevice information (even if the devices are on different media)
Forwards or exports message, personnel tracking and locator (PTL), or metadata information for use in other systems
Location and Map Alerts
Allows users to identify geographical regions on a map, which can be associated with a configurable set of actions that take place upon entry and/or exit of the regions
Enables users to view and create geofences on a map as well as monitor geofence activity in near real time
Works with any device that provides positions
Enables devices to trigger actions (e.g., commands, texts, emails, user interface alerts)
Ensures that there is less sensitive information on devices if they are stolen or compromised

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