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DTCS Mission Module

Integrated SATCOM Connectivity

The DTCS mission module, part of the AssuredReach™ family of products, is a small form factor channel expansion solution that provides critical SATCOM over a global network. Utilizing the DTCS and L3Harris’ enhanced short burst data (eSBD) capability, this solution provides beyond line of sight (BLOS) voice and data while on the move, from anywhere in the world.

The DTCS mission module enables users of the L3Harris AN/PRC-163 multi-channel handheld radio the advantage of communications in any combination of SATCOM, mobile ad hoc network (MANET) or UHF/VHF line of sight (LOS). This added capability delivers high assurance voice and data SATCOM on the move (SOTM) in a combined, small form factor solution that reduces the size, weight and power (SWaP) burden on the warfighter.

Improved SWaP

The DTCS mission module can be tethered to or mounted on the AN/PRC-163 to enable secure SOTM and eliminate the need for two radios. Control of the mission module is accomplished using the AN/PRC-163 control panel.

In addition, existing RO® BLOS radio users can now carry just one radio to enable both SATCOM and secure UHF/VHF line of sight communications by utilizing the AN/ PRC-163 and the DTCS mission module. The DTCS mission module receives its power from the existing AN/PRC-163 battery eliminating the need for two types of batteries.


  • Channel expansion versatility for the dismounted warfighter
  • Interoperable with fielded RO radios
  • Tactical PTT over the Distributed Tactical Communications System (DTCS)
  • Secure globally available position location information (PLI)
  • High assurance encryption via host radio
  • Dismounted and vehicle-mounted compatible

DTCS mission module specifications

Frequency range 1616.5 to 1626.5 MHz (L Band)
1575 MHz (GPS)
Channel spacing/bandwidth 41.667 kHz
Net presets Programmable
GPS Via host radio – SAASM L1/L2 or commercial L1 optional ANS for use in GPS denied areas
Frequency stability 0.5 ppm
Power output Up to 38 dBm
Sensitivity -119 dBm
Adjacent channel rejection -33 dBc
Power input 7.8 to 34.6 VDC (via host radio)
Encryption Denali™ based high assurance suite A/B TSAB (via host radio)
Available Modes/Waveforms
Services Distributed Tactical Communications System - Global Services (DTCS-GS) enhanced short burst data
Dimensions 6.0 cm H x 2.7 cm W x 1.7 cm D
15.2 cm H x 6.9 cm W x 4.3 cm D
Volume 17 cu in (278 cu centimeters)
Weight 17 oz (480 gm)
Color/finish CARC green
Temperature Operating: -22° F to 140° F (-30° C to +55° C)
Storage: -40° F to 185° F (-40° C to +85° C)
Immersion 20 meters
Mechanical MIL-STD-810G
Antenna port 50-ohm TNC
External mission module Power, data, control/status via Ethernet over USB
Standard Kit
PN: 8963050G2 Iridium mission module
PN: 8963054G2 DTCS mission module
PN: 8960263-1 DTCS mission module antenna
Optional Accessories
PN: 8960263-1 DTCS mission module antenna (0.76” diameter x 5.8” tall with integral gooseneck with TNC connector)
PN: 8962261-1 DTCS mission module tether cable
Radio Compatibility
L3Harris AN/PRC-163, AN/PRC-167 (future)
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