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AN/PRC-163 Multi-channel Handheld Radio

Mission-Critical Information at a Glance

Warfighters get mission-critical information at a glance with the AN/PRC-163’s double-height LCD screen. Situational Awareness (SA) is advanced through the ISR mission module’s Full-Motion Video capabilities. The handheld is software defined, supporting simple updates to future waveforms. Type 1 communications are secured through the L3Harris Denali® multi-channel security architecture.

Key Benefits

  • AN/PRC-163 Multi-channel Handheld Radio
    Simultaneous multi-channel communications
  • Advanced SA with ISR video mission module
  • Familiar Falcon® user interface simplifies navigation
  • Seamless networking with multiple MANET options including TSM-X™, ANW2 and others.


  • AN/PRC-163 Multi-channel Handheld Radio Datasheet
    AN/PRC-163 Multi-channel Handheld Radio Datasheet
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