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Lynx® ADS-B In / Out Transponder and Display System

Product overview

L3Harris’ patented Lynx family of ADS-B transponders goes well beyond the capabilities of a typical system by offering an array of new-generation features and capabilities. Unlike other ADS-B solutions, the Lynx has a full-color split touchscreen where pilots can see their ADS-B traffic on the left and then weather, terrain, and active traffic on the right side. With a swipe of the finger, pilots can easily scroll through a variety of screens, including weather and traffic from the FAA (FIS-B & TIS-B) in real-time. FIS-B weather data includes METARs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and NEXRAD, which is displayed on a moving map showing ownship position. Additionally, if pilots are equipped with a Stormscope WX-500, they can also display lightning with the Lynx unit.

  • 978 / 1090 MHz dual-band receiver provides traffic and weather
  • Patented L3Harris Lynx Tail provides flight ID, aircraft type and the ground speed of other ADS-B traffic
  • Intuitive full-color, touchscreen interface optimized for cockpit environments
  • Full-color moving maps
  • Full-color graphical and textual weather displays

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Key features

Avionics product - Lynx front view

Model comparison






1090 MHz Mode S ES






978 MHz UAT

1090 MHz

Internal WAAS/GPS

Wi-Fi Capable

Touchscreen Display

MFD Display Interface

Traffic: ADS-B, ADS-R, TIS-B

Weather (FIS-B)

eTAWS (optional)

ATAS (optional)

NextGen Active Traffic (optional)



Antenna Diversity

- -

Product specifications

PHYSICAL Size (inches): 1.80" (H) x 6.25" (W) x 11.37" (L)
Weight: 2.96 lb. (1.35 kg)
Mode S Transponder Power: 125W min/250W max
Temperature: -20 to +55° C (-4 to +131° F)
Operating Altitude: 55,000 ft (16,800 m)
Transponder Type: Mode A/C, S and ES
Warranty: 3-Years from date of purchase
TSOs C112d: Mode S
C113a: Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Display
C118a: TCAS I
C145c: GPS
C147: Traffic Advisory System
C151c: Terrain Awareness and Warning System
C154c: UAT ADS-B
C157a: Aircraft Fight Information Services-Broadcast (FIS-B)
C166b: ADS-B, TIS-B 1090MHz
C195b: ADS-B Aircraft Surveillance Applications

What our customers say

Lynx video testimonial - Greg Wright

Greg Wright

At Oshkosh 2019, our team were delighted to hear how the Lynx® was saving lives and making an impact on the industry. One of our customers, Greg shared his experiences with the Lynx ADS-B Transponder.

Lynx video testimonial - Steve Gustafson

Steve Gustafson

L3Harris’ Lynx® is a proud sponsor of of the Aeroshell Acrobatic Team. We caught up with Steve Gustafson, long-time pilot and the left wing for the team at Oshkosh to get his thoughts on Lynx.

Lynx video testimonial - Robert Delaurentis

Robert Delaurentis

Lynx® is proud sponsor of the Citizen of the World, a world peace mission connecting the South & North Pole and everywhere in between. Learn about this quest to bring unity and peace through aviation.

Lynx video testimonial - John Stenzel

John Stenzel

Current airline pilot, John Stenzel shares how the Lynx® is a natural, user friendly, trouble free piece of equipment that improves his situational awareness while flying his personal Cub airplane.


"The Lynx NGT 9000 is so awesome and offers more than I expected! I flew in an Airshow this last weekend at Air Expo here in Minnesota. I had fun showing it off to the other T-34 guys!"
Lynx testimonial - Julie Clark
Julie Clark
Aerobatic Pilot, Beech T-34
"I love my Lynx – the touch screen, traffic on the 430 and weather and traffic on ForeFlight really gave me what I was looking for in my Piper."
Lynx testimonial - Mark Scheuer
Mark Scheuer
Founder and CEO, PS Engineering, Inc.
"Given the variety of aircraft we employ, the Lynx NGT-9000 made the most sense for our ADS-B equipage. An ADS-B transponder that also doubles as a display for traffic and weather – this was something no other avionics company could offer us."
Lynx testimonial - Bill Christiansen
Bill Christiansen
President of Christiansen Aviation
"Product features, reliability, and low cost are just a few of the reasons for selecting the Lynx NGT-9000 for our fleet of aircraft. When you’re flying in a heavily congested area such as Denver and traffic pops up, having a dedicated screen for traffic allows you to continue flying and navigating the aircraft while still having visibility of others in the pattern."
Lynx testimonial - Terry Fiala
Terry Fiala
Aspen Flying Club
"The L3Harris Lynx NGT-9000 was singled out as the ideal ADS-B solution for our Bell and Sikorsky fleet. Our pilots and passengers safety are paramount in the congested Gulf of Mexico flight environment and a rugged transponder that also displays traffic and weather is a must-have."
Lynx testimonial - Robert McCoy
Robert McCoy
President, Westwind Helicopters
"ADS-B provisioning presents a myriad of choices but the Lynx NGT-9000 stands out above the others. Lynx provides great value and functionality that fits well in our flight training environment."
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Access technical publications

To gain access to the latest technical publications, service bulletins and other pertinent information about your recorders or other L3Harris devices, operators and authorized repair facilities need to register with our technical support organization for the online library.

Product support / Customer service:
Phone: +1 (321) 674-4900

Technical publications:
Orders / Information: +1 (623) 445-7070 (option 3)

Cage Code / Federal Supply Code: 1WYD3

Facility / Shipping / Mailing address:
19810 N 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027 USA

Order administration / Sales / General inquiries:
Phone: +1 (623) 445-7040
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Phone: +1 (623) 445-7030
Fax: +1 (623) 445-7002

AOG services:
Regional, Business Jet & Military
Administered by logistics partner OEMServices.
AOG/exchange services only, not for spares requirements.
Phone: +33 (1) 49 75 45 73
Fax: +33 (1) 49 75 45 74


  • Lynx (General Aviation) Brochure

  • Lynx (Helicopters) Brochure

  • Avionics Helicopter Brochure

Technical Publications



Feature enhancement


Operation and features

Support videos

Lynx support video thumbnail - How to load operational and GPS software

How to Load Operational and GPS Software

Lynx support video thumbnail - Zadig driver installation

Zadig Driver Installation

Lynx support video thumbnail - IO options AHRS & altitude setup

IO Options: AHRS & Altitude setup

Lynx support video thumbnail - Aircraft configuration setup

Aircraft Configuration Setup

Lynx support video thumbnail - IO options miscellaneous page

IO Options: Miscellaneous Page

Lynx support video thumbnail - Request an account for customer support portal

Request an Account for ACSS Customer Support Portal

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