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Marcom® Integrated Communications

Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Northrop Grumman (Primary System Integrator), L3Harris, and Industry Partners Commission C5ISR Production Facility for Offshore Patrol Cutter Program

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MarCom® Integrated Communications 

The MarCom product suite offers an affordable, full Internet Protocol (IP), virtualized 1U server that meets demanding customer requirements. The MarCom Call Manager provides VoIP automatic switching service that allows users to access point-to-point calls, voice conferences, internal nets, radio circuits, satellite communication systems, sound alarms, make announcement through an announcing system, sound powered telephones, wireless communications systems and external PBX systems to communicate from a single tactical terminal. The switching system also provide interface to legacy communication system such as POTS and ISDN phone switches. In addition, the switching system, together with L3Harris' most powerful tactical terminal, the K2, provides users with advanced tactical features expected in a military environment.

K2 is the most advanced tactical terminal that puts information at the end user's fingertip. The K2 Tactical Terminal enables the end-users to communication to multiple networks (Red and Black networks) and with multiple terminals. The K2, when coupled with the L3Harris Symphony® Communications Manager, gains access to the radio circuit parameters that Symphony manages. With this capability, end users know the status of each communications circuit. The MarCom integrated communications suite provides an organization with the capacity to dynamically apply communications plans to optimally support evolving missions. Operational staff do not need detailed technical knowledge of the communications equipment to be confident of immediate and accurate execution of communication plans.

Data Sheets

  • MarCom® IP-Integrated Communications Core Data Sheet

    MarCom® IP-Integrated Communications Core Data Sheet

  • K2 Tactical Terminal Data Sheet

    K2 Tactical Terminal Data Sheet

  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide

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