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Multi-domain Situational Awareness

In an increasingly complex and congested battlespace the need to understand, isolate and exploit information is increasingly important. Neutralising the threat requires responsive and versatile solutions that are adaptive to evolving situations and intelligence needs.

Tactical assets give the operational commander the ability to intercept, identify and locate potential targets by enabling the commander to determine an adversary’s intent. This combined with other collection assets provides the battlespace picture required to ultimately win the information battle.

The drone threat and use of C-UAS (counter unmanned aerial systems) is a rapidly developing and proliferating capability which is growing daily; managing the drone threat is a complex and evolving problem. L3Harris provides an integrated command control approach based on our TOTS software which takes raw data and compiles it into a real-time picture that can be disseminated using mapping, visualisation, and data analytics to create effective workflow management. TOTS is built on an open architecture that can incorporate information from multiple integrated components and external sources.

L3Harris has extensive operational experience in the delivery of solutions to detect and defeat airborne threats and the Drone Guardian solution combats these rapidly evolving security risks.

Drone Guardian allows multiple target detection, identification and tracking to mitigate the threat of unmanned aerial vehicles, in both commercial and military environments. Drone Guardian can be distributed to both fixed and deployable installations with an integrated security workflow enabling rapid security response times. It is a cost effective solution designed for purpose which allows early detection of drones with reduced false alarms, a reduction in manpower requirements, mitigates security risks at a quicker response rate.

TOTS Background

TOTS is a generic, real-time, low-latency, multi-target sensor data fusion and tracking system designed to track air-breathing, ballistic missile and maritime surface targets.

The principles upon which TOTS is based have been developed from initial concepts arising out of the concurrent scalable computing field that was under intense development in the mid-1980s. These scalable processing concepts were viewed as being particularly appropriate to countering the massive ballistic missile threats of the “cold war”, but remain equally applicable to today’s threats.

TOTS low-latency architecture and autonomous multiple model construct ensures that target tracks are formed as quickly as possible after entering sensor coverage or separating from a parent object.

Multi-domain Situational Awareness Downloads

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  • C2 Situational Awareness
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