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Multi-domain Situational Awareness


In an increasingly congested battlespace, the need to understand, extract and exploit information has never been more important. With multiple sensors dispersed across multiple domains for different purposes, it can be difficult to ever achieve a consolidated view of this complex picture. 

L3Harris' multi-domain situational awareness systems vastly simplify the aggregation and integration of multiple data sources across domains. By creating a common, coherent operating picture, complexity is removed, uncertainty reduced and operators are given the confidence to take action in real time. 


Underpinned by a proven Target Orientated Tracking System (TOTS), L3Harris situational awareness capabilities enable the seamless integration of multiple rich data sources to inform a decisive response. This is made possible across every domain:

Integrated Missile Defence Drupal


Modular data fusion and tracking software to provide a layered defence against threats from all air targets to ballistic and hypersonic missiles.

Maritime Drupal


By integrating multiple distributed sensors and sources, real-time maritime awareness and improved decision-making is made possible.

space surveilance drupal


Through sensor optimisation and data fusion, the detection and monitoring of space events is simplified to provide enhanced space situational awareness.

ISR drupal


Using cutting-edge data fusion and correlation techniques, multi-source intelligence is integrated and fusion services provided to advanced ISR data architectures.


How can these situational awareness capabilities help you? 

By reducing uncertainty through data fusion and analytics, providing clear visualisation and more, L3Harris situational awareness capabilities help operators understand intent, make decisions confidently and respond appropriately, enhancing mission success. 

Trusted Fusion Technology 

Battle-proven systems harness sophisticated data fusion techniques to generate real-time actionable intelligence that informs key decision-making. 

Common Operating Picture 

 Built to provide improved certainty in today's complex battlespace, these solutions help to create a common operating picture (COP) across multiple domains. 

Open, Modular Approach 

These solutions were built with openness in mind, offering impressive extensibility that enables the integration of current and future technologies for maximum impact. 


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L3Harris pioneers novel approach to integrate solutions.

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L3Harris pioneers novel approach to integrate solutions.

Editorial | 06. 25. 2020

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