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N203 Series Conformal GPS CRPA

It is designed to receive right-hand circularly polarized (RHCP) radiated signals from Navstar GPS satellites and couple the radio frequency signal to the antenna electronics (supplied by others) via SMA or equivalent connectors. The multi-element array is used to adaptively steer nulls or point beams in the presence of interfering jamming signals.

Microstrip patch type radiators provide a low-profile package. A hybrid feed incorporated in each element allows operation over a wide temperature band without the temperature-induced detuning often associated with such patch elements. This technology can be used for platforms such as unmanned aerial systems, helicopters, land vehicles and high-performance missiles and munitions.

N203 Series Antenna Specifications

Download the N203 Series Antenna Specifications
Frequency range L1 1575.42 ± 12.0 MHz
L2 1227.2 ± 12.0 MHz
VSWR < 2.2:1 max, 2.0:1 typical
Average gain L1 > -2.0 dBic over upper 140° cone
L2 > -4.0 dBic over upper 140° cone
Polarization RHCP
Null depth >20 dB typical
Radiation pattern Hemispherical
Power handling Receive only
Weight 2.0 lbs max
Finish Gray
Models N203-1-1, 3-element array
N203-2-1, 4-element array
N203-3-1, 5-element array
Military MIL-E-5400

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