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Next-Generation Ground Electronic Warfare

For over 20 years, L3Harris has delivered mission-critical electronic warfare (EW) technology to protect our warfighters on the ground.  Providing the most advanced counter-improvised explosive device (IED) systems, L3Harris technology is designed to defeat both current and emerging IED threats. Next-generation L3Harris counter IED technology is built on a flexible architecture in multiple forms that can be affordably tailored to mission needs.

Flexible Counter IED System

Built on a modular platform, L3Harris’ next-generation counter IED system is nimble enough to adapt to individual mission requirements in just minutes. With unparalleled durability, it can be repaired on the board level in the field. The technology supports both mounted light and dismounted heavy applications.  

Next Generation Ground Electronic Warfare

Multi-Function Agile Response

As a natural extension of the counter IED mission, L3Harris systems are able to counter the UAS threat.  The next generation of systems are adaptable to the changing threat environment providing a full multi-function suite of capability.


Next Generation Ground Electronic Warfare

EW Network As a Weapon

  • Secure networked software application efficiently fuses and shares information with distributed capability
  • Uses more affordable nodes with fewer expensive ones
  • Emulated EW Network operational in Lab
  • Integrates with L3Harris' AN/PRC-163 multi-channel, secure handheld radio
  • Uses Low Probability Intercept/Detection (LPI/LPD) Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)
  • Compliant with 3UVPX and C4ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS)
Next Generation Ground Electronic Warfare

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