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Pneumatic Eject Missile Launchers

We have developed such systems for use on advanced applications for the F-35 Lightning II, F-22A Raptor and the Saab JAS-39 Gripen E as well as other pneumatic systems for P-8 Poseidon, MQ-9 Reaper and on-going development programs.

LAU-142/A – AMRAAM Vertical Eject Launcher (AVEL)

Stealth plays a major role in many of today’s aircraft missions. The Lockheed-Martin F/A-22 Raptor is the state-of-the-art in stealth technology. With the need to carry and eject AMRAAM missiles from within concealed weapons bays, L3Harris, as part of the F/A-22 Team, developed a new launcher capable of achieving all internal bay armament delivery requirements.

The result is the LAU-142/A AMRAAM vertical eject launcher (AVEL), which carries and ejects AIM-120C missiles from shallow internal missile bays for safe aircraft separation. Compact design, optimized for weight-to-stiffness performance, was achieved for the AVEL through state-of-the-art computer engineering, analysis and manufacturing processes.

The L3Harris AMRAAM Vertical Eject Launcher is the first in a new generation of non-pyrotechnic, low-weight, efficient aircraft armament delivery systems from the world leader in pneumatic suspension and release equipment.

LAU-147 – Missile launcher for the F-35 Lightning II

The pneumatic suspension and release capability found in the LAU-147 system is based on more than two decades of dedicated research and development in various component technologies. It is this research and development that has made the LAU-147 missile launcher a great fit for the F-35 Lightning II.

PMEL – Pneumatic Missile Eject Launcher for the Saab JAS-39 Gripen E

PMEL is a pneumatic launcher designed to eject modern medium- and long-range air-to-air missiles from high-performance manned and unmanned platforms, including the Saab Gripen.

As a combined pylon and launcher unit, the PMEL is currently designed for use under the fuselage on modern high-performance fighter jets to reduce weight and frontal cross section.

PMEL is not subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) export rules, making it an ITAR-free solution for high-performance ejection of air-to-air missiles.


Weight 35 kg (77 lbs)
Dimensions (L x H x W) 969 x 272 x 120 mm (38.1 x 10.7 x 4.7 in) 969 x 272 x 171 mm (38.1 x 10.7 x 6.7 in) with yokes
Maximum store weight 190 kg (419 lbs)
Piston stroke 266 mm (10.5 in) over two stages
End-of-stroke velocity > 8 m/s
Maximum store diameter 0.178 m (7.0 in)
Store interface AMRAAM-style nose “button” hanger and center body hanger MIL-STD-1760 Type II electrical connection


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