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Product overview

SafeRoute+ is the only ADS-B In retrofit solution for airlines. It provides pilots a precise forward field of view of surrounding aircraft up to 100 nautical miles using a Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI). SafeRoute+ creates an environment of shared traffic situational awareness between pilots and air traffic controllers to increase safety and route efficiency.

Currently, SafeRoute+ offers five applications, each focused on specific phase of flight. All applications will provide better situational awareness in the cockpit; however, operators can choose the applications which best align with their specific operations to help them reduce the amount of missed approaches, increase runway throughput, optimize spacing buffers to reduce fuel burn and carbon emissions.

The applications are Enhanced Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness or AIRB, Interval Management Spacing (IMS), CDTI Assisted Visual Separation (CAVS), and In-Trail Procedures (ITP).

SafeRoute+ is a simple upgrade to the TCAS 3000SP™ or T³CAS® computers and uses the existing multi-function control and display units and the navigation displays with the an optional ADS-B graphical display.


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Key features

  • Software upgrade to existing T³CAS® or TCAS 3000SP™ computers
  • Uses existing displays:
    - Multi-function Control and Display Units (MCDU)
    - Navigation Displays (ND)
  • New economical ADS-B Guidance Display (AGD) enables advanced applications
  • Enables higher runway throughput and maximizes runway capacity
  • Reduces fuel burn and carbon emissions
  • Enables less delay vectoring
  • Facilitates better block-time predictability
  • Decreases spacing buffer

Applications overview

For total flight efficiency, SafeRoute+ offers five applications, each focused on a specific phase of flight.

Avionics product - Saferoute+ AIRB

Enhanced Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness (AIRB)

AIRB provides the flight identification, altitude, speed, direction and wake category for aircraft up to 100 nautical miles away. This information creates an environment of shared situational awareness and aids the crew in visual acquisition of traffic. This is the basic application and does not require the additional AGD to be installed.

Avionics product - Saferoute+ CDTI

CDTI Assisted Visual Separation (CAVS)

CAVS is an important safety enhancement that allows flight crew to continue a visual approach procedure using the electronic display to maintain separation if visual contact with traffic-to-follow is lost due to marginal visibility. The information displayed to the crew contains data about the aircraft they are following, such as ground speed, altitude and closure rate. This can be used to time the deceleration to final approach speed, configure for landing and avoid overtakes or go-arounds.

SafeRoute+ Interval Management (IM) capability

Interval Management Spacing (IMS)

During the arrival phase of a flight, the IMS application maintains time-based spacing during instrument meteorological conditions, enabling flight crews to maintain consistent and well-spaced arrival flow to an airport. IMS reduces the distance and time flown, lowers the probability of vectoring and reduces low-variance aircraft Inter-Arrival Time (IAT). These key features enable block time predictability and maximizes runway capacity.

Avionics product - Saferoute+ In-trail procedures

In-Trail Procedures (ITP)

With SafeRoute+ ITP, operators spend more time flying at optimum altitude and realize significant savings in time, fuel and emissions. The system uses ADS-B to improve situational awareness and enable flight crews to perform desired flight-level changes on a more frequent basis in oceanic or non-radar airspace.

Product specifications

OPERATING SYSTEMS & DISPLAY OPTIONS SafeRoute+ applications can be hosted on an ACSS computer, such as the TCAS 3000SP™ or T³CAS®.
  • ACSS is leading aviation towards broader implementation of NextGen/SESAR capabilities by developing ADS-B avionics.
  • ADS-B is the transmission of an aircraft’s position, speed and intent to other aircraft and to Air Traffic Control. ACSS Mode S Transponders are certified to DO-260B, the highest level of ADS-B Out, and are available now to meet the 2020 ADS-B mandates.


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SafeRoute+ Interval Management (IM) capability

Editorial | 11. 25. 2020

Why is ADS-B Technology Important for Airlines and Global Aviation Authorities?

Keeping all the flights on time, and safe, puts a lot of pressure on controllers and flight crews. That’s one of the reasons DO-260B was mandated. Anyone familiar with the mandates knows airlines around the globe have either updated, or are currently equipping their aircraft with ADS-B avionics.

SafeRoute+ Interval Management (IM) capability

Editorial | 11. 25. 2020

Why is ADS-B Technology Important for Airlines and Global Aviation Authorities?