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TCAS 3000SP™ Traffic Collision Avoidance System

Product overview

The TCAS 3000SP (Surveillance Processor) is based on the ACSS’ industry-leading TCAS II 2000 proven product line with more than 15,000 units delivered. The TCAS 3000SP delivers enhancements in reliability and computing power to handle the most demanding applications, including the Change 7.1 enhancement and Airborne Separation Assurance System (ASAS) upgrades.

  • The only TCAS to offer certified ADS-B In (TSO-C166b) applications
  • Patented amplitude monopulse antenna with high-bearing accuracy
  • Superior intruder tracking performance to track up to 400 aircraft
  • Covers mandated Change 7.1 enhancements and ASAS upgrades

Key Features

Backwards compatibility assured

The TCAS 3000SP is completely backward-compatible with the TCAS 2000, and provides appreciable operating cost savings through its reduced weight and power dissipation. Other features include an internal data recorder with external PC-based data analysis tool, maintenance aurals, and the ability to perform easy on-board software uploads using a built-in compact flash port.


SafeRoute+ ADS-B In capability

This next evolution of ADS-B technology includes cockpit retrofit solutions which allow airline pilots to see the same information as air traffic controllers about surrounding traffic. Besides enhanced situational awareness, ADS-B In allows airlines to increase routing, landing and take-off efficiencies, improve block time predictability and increase runway throughput. SafeRoute+ applications include Merging & Spacing (IM-S), CDTI Assisted Visual Separation (CAVS), InTrail Procedures (ITP) and Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI) through a TCAS 3000SP software upgrade and ADS-B Guidance Display (AGD) and using existing aircraft equipment.


ADS-B IN applications

TCAS 3000SP can host SafeRoute+ ADS-B In applications that increase safety, efficiency and throughput for flight operators. These functions offer fuel savings that result from flying optimized, more predictable routes with consistent spacing and fewer vectors. 

SafeRoute+ consists of four selectable applications that allow airlines to install ADS-B In solutions that align best with their operations: 

•    Enhanced Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness (AIRB) 
•    CDTI-Assisted Visual Separation (CAVS) 
•    Initial Interval Management (I-IM) 
•    In-Trail Procedures (ITP)


Product specifications

PART NUMBER 9003500-xxxxx

4 MCU (7.6 in. H x 4.9 in. W x 15.8 in L)
6 MCU (7.6 in. H x 7.5 in. W x 15.3 in L)

4 MCU: 14.7 lb. (6.7 kg) / 28 VDC only
6 MCU: 16.08 lb. (7.3 kg) / 115 VAC and 28 VDC

Mounting: ARINC 600 6 OR 4 MCU Mount

Cooling: No forced air required for 4 MCU (internal fan); per ARINC 600/404 for 6 MCU

TCAS 3000SP SUITE Processor Unit: Surveillance Processor
Mode S Transponder: NXT-600 (Business & Regional); NXT-800 or XS-950 (Air Transport Data Link); XS-950SI (Military Mode S/IFF)
Antenna: AT 910
Displays: Various
Controls: Various
CERTIFICATION Environmental Specifications: DO-160E
TSO: C119b (TCAS), C166 (ADS-B)
Software: DO-178B Level B
ADS-B Operation: RTCA/DO-260A 1090 MOPS for extended range
ADS-B Capability: > 95%
Operating Altitude: Sea level to 70,000 ft.
Operating Temperature: -55 degrees C to +70 degrees C
Storage Temperature: -55 degrees C to +85 degrees C
Power Consumption: 70 W nominal
Maintenance: Supports OEM Maintenance Computer Interfaces
Data Loading: Compact Flash


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