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Tactical Air Surveillance Radar (TASR)

Complete mission capabilities

TASR provides high-quality, unambiguous data and information to controllers under all combinations of operational conditions. The display presents full situational awareness on high-resolution color monitors. Information can be tailored to the controller’s needs and preferences.

Transport options

TASR can be delivered via two transport options: mobile (with wheels) and transportable (without wheels). The mobile TASR uses two trucks for transportation over improved and unimproved roads. The transportable TASR is configured to be lifted onto a customer furnished trailer or truck. Both configurations can be airlifted using two C-130 aircraft.

Setup and installation

TASR quickly transitions from transport to operations. Using four trained personnel, procedural control can begin in less than one hour with positive control (radar active) available in less than five hours.

Demonstrated past performance

L3Harris radars have supported military and peacetime missions from World War II through Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Our products are now fielded worldwide providing mission flexibility to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Tactical Air Surveillance Radar (TASR)


60 nml (111Km)

2m2 target


Band S-band - 2.7 to 2.9 GHz
Solid state transmitter Built-in redundancy
Altitude coverage 7,600 m / 24,900 ft
Range 200 nml (370.4 Km)
Modes Weight 710 lbs (322 kg) with manipulator installed (includes batteries).
Altitude coverage 15,240 m / 50,000 ft

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