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Technical Assistance Center

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance for L3Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications Equipment

Our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is designed to save you time when handling technical issues with fixed site equipment, mobile and portable radios. Our experienced product specialists and system engineers are here to bolster the technical expertise of front-line maintenance personnel. 

U.S./North America

  • Phone: 800-528-7711 Opt. 3
  • Fax: 434-455-6712
  • Email Us


  • Phone: 434-385-2400
  • Fax: 434-455-6712
  • Email Us

Software Services

Software Services allows our customers to take advantage of technology improvements and provides a cost effective alternative to premature system replacement. Learn more about our Software FX and SUMS Programs.

Software FX keeps your systems current. Not part of the Software FX Program but want to be? Contact the Technical Assistance Center

Feature Upgrade Utility

Feature Upgrade Utility, known as the FEW Tool, is a collection of web pages designed to simplify the process of adding new features to individual or groups of radios. Customers that purchase add-on features can easily generate new feature codes via this web based application, drastically reducing the time necessary to perform the upgrade.

Contact the Technical Assistance Center to for more information about this application


  • PSPC Technical Assistance Center Datasheet

    PSPC Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Data Sheet

  • Infrastructure Managed Services Brochure

    Infrastructure Managed Services Brochure

  • Software Managed Services (SMS) Datasheet

    Software Managed Services (SMS) Data Sheet

  • Security Update Managed Services Datasheet

    Security Update Management Services (SUMS+) Data Sheet