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Unfurlable Mesh Reflector Antennas

800 Years of Collective Service in Unfurlable Mesh Reflectors

Today, more than 90 of our unfurlable, large-aperture mesh reflectors have rolled out of our factory and entered orbit—10 times the number of our closest competitor and representing 800 years of collective service. These reflectors are providing unmatched performance for satellite communications and broadcast systems that require high reliability for mission critical performance and higher antenna gain for increased satellite capacity.

High throughput satellites are helping to meet today's urgent demand for increased bandwidth by using Ka-band and applying frequency reuse technology to increase satellite capacity. L3Harris' Ka-band unfurlable antenna solutions were developed with that mission need in mind. The L3Harris design integrates easily into any spacecraft configuration. Lightweight and very compact, they can produce small spot beams that help maximize frequency reuse.

Our flexible architecture—a radial rib design that can be either hub mounted or edge mounted—provides a reflector aperture size that ranges from 3.5 meters to 9 meters. L3Harris' 5-meter Ka-band unfurlable mesh reflector is creating a buzz in the satellite community because of the combination of its small size and never-before-achieved accuracy for unfurlable technology at Ka-band.

Unmatched Performance for Big Data Streams

To meet the growing need for large satellite antenna systems that can be stowed into small launch envelopes, L3Harris offers unfurlable reflector solutions in sizes ranging from 2 to 25 meters. These solutions provide unmatched performance for satellite communications and broadcast systems that require high antenna gain for user missions.

L3Harris unfurlable space reflector solutions offer the benefits of reduced risk, increased frequency reuse for HTS communications, and reduced cost per bit though flight-proven design, customized solutions, and the world's most accurate and stable mesh reflectors on the market.

The Only 5-meter Ka-band Unfurlable Reflector Commercially Available

With the increasing demand for high-throughput satellite (HTS) antennas that can operate at higher frequencies, L3Harris developed large, unfurlable mesh reflectors shaped to Ka-band accuracy that easily integrate into all spacecraft configurations. The innovative surface-shaping technology used to create the 5-meter Ka-band antenna enhances mission performance and the unique hub mounting configurations improves tracking performance. With over 40 years of experience in the design of unfurlable reflectors as well as internal research and development L3Harris produces never-before-achieved accuracy in unfurlable mesh reflectors.

Unfurlable Mesh Reflector Antennas Brochures

  • Prebuilt 12-meter Unfurlable Mesh Reflector
  • 5-meter Unfurlable Ka-band Reflector

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