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Viper Shield™ AN/ALQ-254(V)1 All-digital Electronic Warfare Suite

Next-generation EW system

In partnership with Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force, L3Harris is developing the new AN/ALQ-254(V)1 Viper Shield to provide U.S. allies with cutting-edge countermeasures against sophisticated, ever-changing threats. This advanced EW system will provide a virtual electronic shield around the aircraft, enabling warfighters to complete missions safely in increasingly complex battlespace scenarios. Its modern, all-digital architecture using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology enables enhanced system performance, a smaller form factor, reduced weight and easier future upgrades.

Sophisticated and Integrated

Viper Shield’s software-defined technology components enable unprecedented digital radar threat warning and robust digital countermeasure capabilities in a fully integrated, internally mounted system. Its advanced digital radar warning receiver (DRWR) technology integrates seamlessly with the aircraft’s new APG-83 active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar to deliver greater situational awareness. The digital radio frequency memory (DRFM)-based jamming system provides enhanced capability against advanced threats.

The open-system design accommodates seamless addition of combat-proven EW applications, providing state-of-the-art capability to address emerging and future threats. Enhanced system performance provides improved probability of intercept against agile threats. A new pilot and vehicle interface provides the pilot with full situational awareness and easier interaction with the system. New sophisticated technology prevents any EW interference to and from a wingman.

Lower lifecycle costs, easier to upgrade

Viper Shield is designed with fewer critical components than previous generation EW systems. This not only results in a smaller form factor and reduced weight, but also a higher mean time between failure and lower lifecycle costs. The modular design supports swapping line replaceable units (LRUs) in the field. The design is also forward-looking by provisioning for future growth and enhancements. Its 3U COTS technology and software-defined architecture will simplify future upgrades, enabling the warfighter to affordably modernize with new capabilities and technologies, minimizing obsolescence.

L3Harris EW legacy

L3Harris has provided EW systems on F-16s for more than 30 years, with our existing systems protecting the fleets of many nations around the world. Several international air forces have already committed to Viper Shield based on its operational capability, advanced technology and affordability. This continues our 60-plus-year legacy of developing advanced EW technology to ensure superiority across the spectrum. Our EW solutions are deployed across all domains – land, sea, air, space – to defeat threats at every level of engagement.

Viper Shield News

Wireframe F-16 Fighter

Editorial | 06. 13. 2022

Detect and Protect: L3Harris Viper Shield™ and AESA Radar System Connect for Next-Generation F-16

L3Harris’ advanced Viper Shield EW system just passed an important milestone successfully demonstrating that it will be fully interoperable with the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar installed on Lockheed Martin’s new F-16 Block 70/72 aircraft. The integration marks a vital step toward offering maximum protection to the F-16 warfighters of tomorrow.

Wireframe F-16 Fighter

Editorial | 06. 13. 2022

Detect and Protect: L3Harris Viper Shield™ and AESA Radar System Connect for Next-Generation F-16


Editorial | 03. 30. 2021

Viper Shield: Electronic Armor for Tomorrow’s F-16


Press release | 03. 22. 2021

L3Harris Technologies to Provide Next-Generation Electronic Warfare System for F-16 Multirole Fighter

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