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Artemis I launch

Press release

L3Harris’ Space Avionics Crucial to Successful SLS Artemis I Launch

L3Harris Technologies provided the booster, core and upper stage avionics for today’s launch of the Artemis I, enabling the safe launch of the Space Launch System and the United States’ first steps toward a return to the moon.

L3Harris CrIS instrument observes infrared channels, providing comprehensive temperature and moisture information to improve weather models.

Press release

L3Harris Infrared Weather Forecasting Technology Launches on NOAA Satellite

L3Harris Technologies announced today its Cross-Track Infrared Sounder, also known as CrIS, designed to enhance severe weather detection capabilities, successfully launched aboard NOAA’s Joint Polar Satellite System-2 weather satellite.

Biomass: Examining the "Lungs" of our Planet from Space


Biomass: Examining the "Lungs" of our Planet from Space

L3Harris’ unfurlable mesh antenna reflector will support the largest Earth observation satellite and enable the first use of P band from space.

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