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L3Harris began construction of its first nuclear power plant simulator in 1973 for Ontario’s Pickering A site. Fifty years later, L3Harris’ high-fidelity power plant simulators contribute to the safe and reliable generation of energy in 22 countries on five continents.

Press release

L3Harris Marks Half-Century Milestone Developing Nuclear Power Plant Simulators

L3Harris Technologies announced its 50th anniversary of providing nuclear power plant simulators for discerning plant operators and engineers worldwide.

XL 200 P radio

Trade Release

L3Harris Awarded $93 Million Contract to Improve MBTA Public Safety Communications

L3Harris Technologies announced today a five-year, $93 million contract to improve Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority public safety communications.

A firefighters dons the NFPA 1802 standard-certified, L3Harris XL Extreme™ 400P radio and XL Extreme Speaker Microphone.

Press release

L3Harris Emergency Responder Radio Solution Certified to NFPA Specifications

L3Harris Technologies received today National Fire Protection Association certification for its emergency responder radio solution, the XL Extreme™ 400P radio and XL Extreme Speaker Microphone, validating they meet the most rigorous emergency responder requirements.

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