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I Am L3Harris


L3Harris has cultivated an inclusive environment that values diversity of thought and drives impactful support to the communities in which we work and live. We deliver total rewards to our employees, promoting work-life balance and development opportunities that translate into limitless career possibilities.

I Am L3Harris - Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster

I thank my mom for teaching me the value of giving back and helping those who are in need. Feeling a sense of community is so important.


Janelle Nelson

I learned from this experience that building a diverse company doesn't just happen overnight, but rather it must be influenced at all levels: from leadership, recruiters, hiring managers and employees.


Crystal Peck

I will always be a champion for diversity and inclusion, not just in words but in action​.​


L3Harris is committed to fostering relationships that support the innovators of the future. At L3Harris, we put you in the driver’s seat of your career. With rotational and mentoring programs, career planning toolkits, a plethora of career paths and a suite of development opportunities, you are empowered to achieve all of your career goals.

Courtney Thomas

Courtney Thomas

Becoming a single parent wasn’t an end to my career and it didn’t make me less worthy of opportunities or meaningful relationships.


Nahndi Bellman

As I continue to blossom in my career, I'm learning that continuing to stretch yourself by encountering new places and experiences will only propel you into the next fruitful stage of your life.


John Willingham

I've learned so much since taking the leap and moving into the IT field and feel I have been given so many opportunities to continue my growth and education.


At L3Harris, we inspire excellence. Across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains, our customers perform on the world’s most challenging frontlines, and we are proud to employ innovators and problem-solvers dedicated to delivering mission-critical solutions our customers depend on.

Nick Bybee

Nick Bybee

I am still early in my career, but if I had any advice for others, it’s that your life is in your control.


Renee Frohnert

My failures in engineering do not define me – I believe failure is sometimes necessary for success because it helps us grow. I now feel empowered and driven to make positive movements within STEM and aerospace to help increase representation within the field.


Brittney Peterson

There are a lot of stereotypes around the profession, but I've learned what it really takes to be an engineer: you must be persistent in finding solutions to problems, as well as have creativity and flexibility with your approach to every challenge.


Joslyn Garcia

I consider myself a go-getter, as I am passionate about advancing technology and finding solutions to make life more efficient and inspiring.