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Personal Counter-RCIED System (Dynamo)

The Advancing Threat

Attacks by insurgent and terrorist groups have grown increasingly sophisticated over the last 15 years. Terrorists favour IEDs because of their proven ability to inflict mass casualties, destroy property, cause fear and disruption and attract media attention.

RCIEDs can be assembled with relative ease and used remotely. The ability to design and deploy these against a range of targets from troop convoys, forward operational bases, sports stadiums and concert venues as well as against VIPs, has grown exponentially.

The range of devices that can be used to initiate an attack has spread across the electronic spectrum requiring a high level of electronic counter measures to neutralise the threat.

For military and security personnel operating in hostile and hazardous environments, where there is a known threat of RCIED attacks, a system to counter this threat is a vital piece of every day equipment to protect the lives of at-risk personnel.

The Solution

Dynamo is a personal electronic counter measures (ECM) system from L3Harris, designed to meet this requirement. The system is inexpensive, has a low size, weight and power (SWaP) profile and requires no training to operate.

The light-weight personal device provides an agile, convenient solution to protect against the threat of RCIEDs for personnel on the move.

RCIEDs can be built relatively easily and cheaply using readily available components and triggered by devices such as mobile phones. This has led to them becoming a common, and often preferred, weapon for adversaries, posing a very real and evolving threat to military and security personnel.


  • Military
  • First responders
  • Police tactical response
  • Private security
  • Oil, gas
  • Mining 
  • Not for profit aid organisations

A Simple Solution for Multiple Applications

The dangers of RCIEDs are not confined to the battlefield. They are an issue for every country, a threat to anyone, anywhere at any time. Therefore the ability to have a layer of protection from an RCIED for the dismounted soldier, border patrol, police, security services and first responders, can mean the difference between life and death. Dynamo provides this layer of protection, offering an ultra-compact, lightweight and reliable solution to enable confidence and freedom of manoeuvre for personnel.

As the device is intuitive to operate with a low SWaP profile, it’s suitable for a wide variety of personnel acting in austere environments, from private security professionals and first responders, to high-end special operations users. Due to the consumable and inexpensive nature of Dynamo, it is more accessible than alternative counter-RCIED systems on the market, enabling those with fewer resources and available budgets to protect themselves against the RCIED threat.

Dynamo – personal counter-RCIED system

RCIEDs can be built relatively easily and cheaply using readily available components and triggered by devices such as mobile phones. This has led to them becoming a common, and often preferred, weapon for adversaries, posing a very real and evolving threat to military and security personnel.

Warfighter on mission

Protecting Forces on the Ground

Dynamo creates an electronic force protection zone around the person carrying the device. At less than 1 kilogram, its low SWaP profile means it’s an agile, convenient system for personnel on the move.

Police force queuing up

Protection for Police and First Responders

RCIEDs pose a serious threat to daily operations of emergency responders in high-threat regions even when conducting routine response activities. Dynamo can provide a cost effective everyday solution to protect those at risk.

Sell Sheet and Certifications

    SAS Micreo ISO9001 Certificate 2020-2023
  • SAS MICREO AS9100D Certificate 2020-2023
    SAS Micreo AS9100D Certificate 2020-2023
  • L3Harris Personal Counter-RCIED System (Dynamo) Sell Sheet
    Personal Counter-RCIED System (Dynamo) Sell Sheet

Personal Counter-RCIED System (Dynamo) Specifications

Dynamo is currently in development. Specifications shown here are planned only. The final product may vary slightly from these specifications. L3Harris reserves the right to amend specifications in the light of continuing development.

Technical Specifications
Dimension 200 mm x 73 mm x 41 mm (without antenna)
Weight ~1 kg with battery pack
Frequency 4 x Frequency band operation
  • 300 Mhz to 480 MHz
  • 758 MHz to 960 MHz
  • 1805 MHz to 2170 MHz
  • 2300 MHz to 2690 MHz
Multiple frequency outputs in each band
Power Up to 5 W output
Removable and rechargeable battery packs for quick changeover
Standard battery pack: 2+ hours
Extended battery pack: 4+ hours
Environmental Internally rated to IP65
-20°C to + 45°C operation
Configurations Threat and region configurable

Australian Innovation to Prevent the Event

Dynamo is expertly engineered by Micreo, an Australian-based subsidiary of L3Harris Technologies, Inc., the agile global aerospace and defence technology innovator. Micreo is the Australian partner of choice for sovereign design and manufacture of highreliability electronic warfare subsystems using wideband RF technology to detect, guide  and protect, achieving spectrum dominance in extreme operating environments.

As a trusted design and production partner to the Australian Department of Defence  and exporter to global defence primes, we provide faster times to market and lower  costs through utilising revolutionary technology.

We have highly skilled personnel operating in fully equipped and security cleared  production facilities set up to produce high-volume, military-grade electronics  hardware. We are one of the few Australian manufacturers to be accredited to  AS9100D with no exclusions, providing customers with the assurance of using  high-quality, high-reliability equipment.

Operational Facilities

  • Fully equipped production facility in Brisbane, Australia
  • Class 8 clean room facilities (1300 square metres)
  • Supply chain expertise and facilities for high volume manufacturing
  • Security cleared facilities and staff

Quality Standards

  • AS9100D accredited
  • ISO9001:2015 accredited
  • IPC-A-610 Class 3
  • IPC-J-STD-001 Class 3
  • MIL-STD-883

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