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An Ideal Solution for Maritime Special Operations

Integrated Mission Systems
May 16, 2022 | 1 MINUTE Read

To successfully accomplish these tasks in the most demanding of scenarios, RHIBs require increasingly capable and integrated mission suites such as L3Harris’ WESCAM MX™-10MS electro-optical, infrared sensor, which can quickly be integrated and operated on board RHIBs in any operational environment.

The WESCAM MX-10MS is also ideal for use during clandestine special operations, including special reconnaissance and offensive action. Examples include covert surveillance ahead of beach landings or the identification of enemy positions ahead of a larger, conventional amphibious attack; as well as Combat Search and Rescue missions where sensor payloads on board RHIBs can be used to scan long distances for debris and survivors.

L3Harris also remains ideally positioned to support the critical operational requirements of SOF across the future operating environment. Next-generation concepts-of-operations (CONOPS) currently being considered by the international SOF community include the deployment of WESCAM MX-10MS payloads on board unmanned surface vessels (USVs) which could be used to support MCT, AP/CP and CN missions. Exploring this emerging CONOPS, L3Harris has already integrated WESCAM MX-10MS payloads on board 13m Maritime Autonomy Surface Testbed USVs for test and evaluation by naval forces.

With 24/7 in-service support, the WESCAM MX-Series EO/IR systems are trusted all over the world to support ISR mission execution faster and with greater certainty than ever before.