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UK MoD adopts cutting-edge L3Harris tactical radios for Multi-Mode Radio programme

Communication Systems
Feb 9, 2023 | 2 MINUTE Read

The AN/PRC-163 Multi-channel Handheld and AN/PRC-167 Multi-channel Manpack radios will upgrade the UK Armed Forces’ land-based radio capabilities  in a modernization effort which is the culmination of a number of years work in a collaborative project between the MOD and industry.

“As lead MOD user of resilient communications, the British Army has worked with Defence Digital to procure new MMR radios to add secure and assured networks for deployed forces,” said Keith Norton, Vice President and Managing Director, L3Harris Communications Systems UK. “The Multi-Mode Radio program is a big step forward for UK MOD by enabling land forces to easily communicate and interoperate with NATO and U.S. allies by providing a solution that can be easily tailored for each deployment. The investment in these tried-and-tested radios will make for speedier deployments, faster decision-making, and improved soldier safety.”

The introduction of modern and easy-to-use two-channel L3Harris MMR radios into MOD tactical networks provides increased interoperability with allies, greater flexibility in communication options and enhanced resilience against adversarial electronic attacks for deployed allied forces. The Falcon® IV AN/PRC-163 and AN/PRC-167 radios, which are available for operations today, deliver unrivalled support of the MOD’s full mission profile, offering multiple channels and access to a vast library of resilient waveforms.

The MMR radios will support the future expeditionary nature of UK Forces with rapid, early deployment of multiple small forces to quell conflicts before they escalate. The highly portable and versatile nature of the AN/PRC-163 and AN/PRC-167 enable forces to deploy into uncertain situations with the ability to tailor their communications to meet the threat and needs as they change, leading to speedier deployments, faster decision-making and improved soldier safety.

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