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Cost Versus Capability: Why a Premium Robot Solution Could Prove More Cost-Effective

Space & Airborne Systems
Nov 14, 2023 | 3 MINUTE Read

The good news for L3Harris T7 and T4 robot customers is that a premium robotic system may actually end up being the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

EOD operators rely heavily on robot technology to keep them out of harm’s way during dangerous missions, so need to be certain those systems offer sufficient capability for the safe, rapid and reliable defeat of explosive threats. But striking the right balance between a highly capable yet cost-effective EOD robot is no small feat. The key to this often lies in understanding how much value the investment can provide

L3Harris robotics systems picking up a bag

L3Harris EOD Robots Maximize Capability and Minimize Lifecycle Cost
Deployed to support EOD missions in the UK, US, Australia and beyond, here’s how L3Harris’ best-in-class robots help operators maximize the value of their systems: 

Purpose-built for better mission outcomes
EOD operators need an appropriate degree of capability on-hand to do their jobs to the best of their ability. They want to complete tasks quickly, efficiently and effectively. Prioritizing cost could restrict the tools available to operators, meaning important features such as support for powerful EOD disruptors or protection from electromagnetic interference end up being left out. By working closely with customers, L3Harris robots can be customised to enable both short-term and long-term EOD capability as needed for mission success, enabling restrictive budgets to go further.

A ruggedized design, rigorously tested
Many low-cost robots can break or fail more frequently than premium solutions, resulting in regular repairs, costly spare parts and downtime. Procurement teams sometimes even buy more robots than needed to compensate for unreliable systems. By leveraging robust aerospace and military-grade components, the T7 and T4 offer proven capability that’s built to last. Put through rigorous quality control and manufacturing processes for the ultimate assurance, the robots are highly available and impressively reliable, requiring next-to-no preventative maintenance whatsoever. In fact, the T7 provides greater than 95% availability of fielded systems for the UK Ministry of Defence’s STARTER program. This ensures the investment is working at all times and not sitting in storage waiting for repairs.

L3Harris robotics rolling through gravel

Intuitive control provides unmatched precision
While rendering a device safe is a highly important part of any EOD mission, extracting valuable information from that device can be just as critical. Precisely pulling forensic data from a defeated device could contribute to the defeat of the wider terror network of threats that sits behind it. The T7 and T4’s intuitive haptic controller is so straightforward to use that it empowers operators to complete complex tasks like this with ease, offering human-like dexterity and unrivalled accuracy ideal for more intricate mission scenarios. For the precise extraction of exploitable forensic data, the value of success is incalculable.

Future-ready robots enable greater mission agility
When a new threat is introduced into the mission space, new capability is typically needed to defeat it. This requirement can expose the inflexibility of some lower-cost systems, which are simply not designed to accommodate additional capability. Built with extensibility in mind, L3Harris robots are able to easily accommodate new payloads and accessories as required. This agility could even mean a system refresh is delayed for several years, resulting in longer-term cost savings.

From a rugged, durable design that ensures parts last longer to an intuitive haptic controller that improves task completion time for operators, L3Harris’ T7 and T4 robots deliver uncompromised performance everywhere while minimizing lifecycle cost. That’s why they’re trusted by world-leading EOD military forces to support missions on a global scale.

Discover more about how L3Harris robots maximize the value of EOD capability here

L3Harris robotics system walked by handlers

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