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Air-Cooled, Solid-State Frequency Converter

Product Specifications

In addition to powering the AEGIS Weapons Systems, the ACSSFC has also been designed as a highly reliable direct replacement for aircraft carrier or fixed-base, central power motor generators.

The ACSSFC is rated at 288 kW/384 kVA, offers parallel operation (up to six), and provides MIL-STD-1399 Type II or III power at unequaled reliability and power levels.

  • Air-cooled, self-contained 
  • Modular construction
  • Self-synchronization for parallel operation 
  • Built-in diagnostic tests
  • Easy access for trouble shooting
  • Logistics support in place


  • Air-Cooled, Solid-State Frequency Converter Data Sheet

    Air-Cooled, Solid-State Frequency Converter Data Sheet

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