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EDACS® Migration Gateway

Integration with Existing EDACS System

The EDACS Migration Gateway (EMG) integrates call services between your new L3Harris system and your existing EDACS system. Users and dispatchers can communicate across the systems with call features no other vendor can offer—including Caller ID, Patch, Simulselect, Individual Call, Console Pre-empt, Emergency Calls and Request To Talk. Whether migrating your field users or dispatchers first, the EMG offers this level of functionality throughout the transition.

Transition to P25

L3Harris multimode portable and mobile radios allow you to upgrade your fleet at your pace. Terminals can be programmed with both EDACS and P25 systems and talkgroups, letting users transition between different technologies during migration. L3Harris multi-mode terminals eliminate the need to carry multiple radios, perform numerous reprogramming steps or install and remove mobile radios more than once.

Key Benefits

  • Supports up to 24 talkpaths 
  • Group calls between NetworkFirst or P25IP and EDACS (in both directions)
  • Individual calls
  • Caller ID
  • Talkgroup patch and Simulselect
  • Patch/SS active indicators between consoles
  • Group Busy indicators between consoles
  • Emergency calls


  • Analog to VIDA Migration Brochure

    Analog to VIDA Migration Brochure