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Full Flight Simulator

Product overview

The RealitySeven Full Flight Simulator provides airlines and training centers with the ultimate high fidelity pilot training experience while maintaining high degrees of reliability, maintainability, and supportability.

The RealitySeven includes digital electrical control loading and an electric motion system, reducing power consumption and providing high trainer availability for airlines, ensuring minimal operational life costs.

The RealitySeven is based on a modular design, with common core elements independent of the aircraft type. It allows for different aircraft modules to be effectively ‘swapped’ out, as fleet or training business requirements change, without the need to replace the entire simulator.

pilots coming into land on full flight simulator


• One platform, multiple aircraft types

• Maximum commonality between all devices

• All modules are non-aircraft specific except for the cockpit

• Swap the cockpit as your needs change

• No need to replace the entire simulator

Product specifications

  • 11ft radius mirror collimating image to near infinity
  • 200º horizontal viewing angle
  • 45º vertical viewing angle
  • Vendor flexibility, including Collins Aerospace or RSI
  • Projection system flexibility – interfaces with COTS projectors
  • Applicable to all aircraft platforms
  • Single high-level assembly including instructor station
  • Lower through-life costs through increased commonality
  • Fully-electric motion system
  • Low cost of maintenance with advanced diagnostics
  • Only completely oil free system available
  • Engineering partnership with E2M to maximize motion system performance
  • Simulated or aircraft avionics
  • Only aircraft specific part of the FFS

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