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Infrared Target Acquisition Sight

Product Specifications

The IRTAS provides armored fighting vehicles with upgraded thermal imaging capability, dramatically improving target detection, recognition and identification ranges. Designed to fit a variety of turrets, the thermal sight embodies a leap forward in warfighter technology and delivers superior performance, reliability and enhanced functionality translating into actionable information for improved lethality, vehicle survivability and crew protection.

Mid-wave and long-wave infrared sensor options are available offering ultimate flexibility for all missions and environments, adaptable to most turret fire control systems and compatible with legacy turret-mounting interfaces.

High-Resolution Sensor Offers Industry-Leading Image Quality

These compact systems reduce size, weight and power and include autofocus and two optimized fields-of-view coupled with E-zoom. Patented image-enhancement processing enables the gunner to discriminate the target from background and clutter at longer ranges. Superior ruggedization extends operational life improving availability and reducing total life-cycle costs. Flat-panel and smart display options are available. 

Additional features include local area processing, electronic stabilization, threshold-based averaging, adaptive temporal noise reduction, extended dynamic range and target tracking (additional hardware required).



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