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Onyx Infrared Sensor

Product Specifications

Low size, weight and power (SWaP) and great video in one camera, the Onyx models are some of the smallest high-resolution mid-wave infrared (MWIR) cooled cameras in the world. Based on our high-operating temperature (HOT) MWIR focal plane array (FPA) technology, these high-performance camera cores deliver superior imaging quality and are ideally suited for SWaP-sensitive air, sea and land applications. These units have been designed for easy integration into a variety of applications, including electro-optical payloads, weapon sights, hand-held viewers, remote weapon stations and enhanced vision systems. The cameras consist of integrated detector/dewar cooler assemblies and camera electronics combined with our patented image enhancement processing.

At less than 2.75 lb and with low-power consumption, our Onyx is the perfect high-performance, miniature camera for small SWaP platforms. Small element pixel pitch enables miniaturization of the assembly and optics. L3Harris' image-enhancement processing delivers exceptional image quality in all light levels and features automatic gain control and NUC. Our HOT MWIR FPA technology enables an ultra-small cryocooler. Patented reticulated pixels eliminate FPA "cross-talk," resulting in an exceptionally crisp infrared image. Steady-state power consumption is typically less than 9 W. Proven technology enables high-sensor reliability and significantly lowers total life-cycle costs.


  • Onyx Compact Mid-Wave Infrared Sensors Data Sheet
    Onyx Compact Mid-Wave Infrared Sensors Data Sheet

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