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Launch Vehicle Ignition and Staging Controller

Product Specifications

The ISC interfaces to standard one-ohm initiator and is NASA standard initiator compliant. The unit is capable of meeting low voltage initiator current and energy requirements interfacing with extremely long cable lengths. The ISC utilizes capacitive discharge firing circuitry which eliminates the need for a dedicated pyrotechnic battery simplifying the avionics architecture. The ICS is uniquely dual-fault tolerant and is designed for the highly reliable human-rated NASA space launch system vehicle. The ISC is designed as a line replaceable unit and its unique modular design allows for configurable firing circuit quantity as needed for specific mission requirements. The ISC may also be used for a wide range of spacecraft pyrotechnic-actuated deployment and separation applications.


The ISC provides up to seven, 28V dedicated capacitive-discharge pyrotechnic-firing outputs. These outputs can be individually commanded via MIL-STD-1553 data bus or can be programmed into an automated sequence. The ISC provides discrete outputs to notify ground support equipment of motor ignition. Health and status telemetry is made available through the 1553 interface including internal temperatures, voltages and currents. Telemetry of initiator output waveform is available for verification of the firing pulse into initiator during fight or into test load during ground operations. Commanded telemetry provides initiator continuity and bridgewire resistance measurement per AFSPCMAN 91-710.


The ISC provides seven IFCs capable of firing-at-command or in a timed programmable sequence up to 800 ms duration with 0.5 ms resolution. When initiator firing circuits are sequenced together, the ISC provides programmable timing between IFCs via the test/programming interface. Each IFC output is dual-fault tolerant against inadvertent firings for each firing circuit. The controller features a programmable telemetry stream for startup, continuous and commanded built-in tests. The ISC uses a common chassis with common data acquisition, power supply and digital controller assemblies.


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