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Spacecraft Communications UHF Transceiver

Product Specification

The C/TT-505 UHF transceiver is designed to meet the needs of many different types of space systems that require command and telemetry capabilities. The transceiver provides a full-duplex wireless RF command, telemetry and data link between two spacecraft.

The C/TT-505 incorporates the OIC Proximity-1 protocol, providing error-free communication by employing an error-detection and retransmission service. Additionally, the Proximity-1 protocol provides an automatic link-establishment feature that allows the primary transceiver to reconfigure the secondary transceiver with no intervention from the secondary spacecraft.


  • The transceiver is flexible enough to accommodate many mission scenarios where a data link is needed between two spacecraft, such as planetary and lunar orbiter/lander spacecraft, formation-flying interferometry spacecraft and asteroid or comet fly-by spacecraft.


  • The spacecraft interface uses an RS-422 serial command and status interface. This allows the spacecraft to control or reconfigure the transceiver and get extensive insight into the current configuration, link status and health of the transceiver.

Additional Features

  • Additional features include a PSK modulator and demodulator using 60-degree phase modulation and Bi-Ø-L encoding/decoding. Convolutional encoding (rate=1/2, k-7) and Viterbi decoding are selectable for PSK mode. The FSK modulator and demodulator are also selectable with V.35/V.36 encoding and decoding. A two-way Doppler measurement system is also available.


The C/TT-505 is designed, built, assembled and tested all within one facility and is serviced and supported by engineering professionals with decades of spaceflight design experience. Every C/TT-505 delivered is accompanied by domain expertise in parts, materials, radiation analysis, mechanical engineering, power supply design, digital signal processing, radio frequency design and manufacturing engineering. For most applications, existing data items can be provided for review, reducing the analysis and testing required.

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Mars Rover

Press release | 02. 16. 2021

L3Harris Technologies to Provide Critical Communications Link in NASA’s Mars Rover Exploration Mission

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