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Launch Vehicle Phoenix Flight Computer

Product Specifications

L3Harris’ Phoenix is a modular and scalable ruggedized flight computer designed for use in a number of launch vehicle and spacecraft applications such as launch vehicle guidance, navigation and control (GNC), launch vehicle engine control, satellite attitude control, mission data network control (solid-state compressive recorder), instrumentation & display controller, software defined radio controller, vehicle health & status monitoring, command & data handling computer and payload control computer.  

Phoenix is currently being developed for use as a GNC computer on United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Launch Vehicle.

Phoenix incorporates modular features to ensure mission flexibility and a smooth path to meeting customer needs. These features include a three-slot chassis design allowing for mission-specific peripherals, changes to the user's connector interface with minimal impact and plugin modules to accommodate upgrades and changes with no impact to other modules.

The Phoenix Flight Computer is designed, built, assembled and tested all within one facility and is serviced and supported by engineering professionals with decades of spaceflight design experience. Every Phoenix Flight Computer delivered is accompanied by domain expertise in parts, materials, radiation analysis, mechanical engineering, power supply design, digital signal processing, radio frequency design and manufacturing engineering. For most applications, existing data items can be provided for review, reducing the analysis and testing required.

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