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The T7 is redefining cutting-edge robotics, thanks to a highly intuitive haptic controller that makes operating it feel as natural as moving one’s hand. Strong, robust, and extremely powerful, the T7 makes light work of difficult tasks.

Built for the toughest challenges and environments, it provides impressive manipulation, unparalleled precision and human-like dexterity to shorten task completion time and maximize mission effectiveness.



The T4 delivers big robot capabilities in a medium-sized package. The first robot of its size able to deploy high recoil explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) disruptors, it’s changing the game for the mid-sized market. By harnessing best-in-class reach and lift strength only previously available in larger robots, operators are able to perform jobs that were once unachievable with a medium-sized robot. It can be transported with ease and rapidly broken down into subsystems.

News & Press Releases

Robotics Systems

Editorial | 08. 22. 2023

Why sufficient EMI protection is so critical for your robotic systems fleet

L3Harris’ large T7 and medium-sized T4 robots go the extra mile to protect against EMI, offering aerospace-grade shielding and operational flexibility to fulfil the needs of any mission.

Robotics Systems

Editorial | 08. 22. 2023

Why sufficient EMI protection is so critical for your robotic systems fleet

L3Harris T4 and T7 Robotics

Press release | 05. 30. 2023

L3Harris Robots Selected by Australian Defence Force to Defeat IED Threats

The L3Harris T7 offers increased speed, improved lift, reach strength, extended battery life and human-like dexterity increasing mission-critical precision for complex explosive ordnance disposal missions worldwide.

Press release | 12. 15. 2022

L3Harris Delivers First T7 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robots to US Air Force

L3Harris T7 Robotic System

Editorial | 08. 15. 2022

How our robotic systems help to maximise mission success

T7 Robots Ready for Their Next EOD, HAZMAT or CBRNE Mission

Editorial | 04. 08. 2022

How to Unlock the Most Value from Your Robotic Systems Investment


  • L3Harris T4 EOD Robotic System

    T4 Robotic System Brochure

  • L3Harris T7 Robotic System

    T7 Multi-Mission Robotic System Brochure

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